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Today I did a massive walk and am feeling really pleased with myself

When I took my sisters dog out a friend came as well. We were out 3 and a half hours and must have walked 5 miles (with plenty of stops) down fields and woods onto the beach. Across the beach and up up up again. It included hills, steps and woods and lots of ball chucking for dog. Wow - knackered now but boy do i feel good.

Dog still sleeping :)

Bev x

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Sounds like you had fun, well done you.

Kim xxxx

I bet all that lovely fresh air did you the world of good!sounds like you had a great day,and the dog as well,lets hope we get lots of nice days for walks,I love the beach it blows the cobwebs away! :) x

Well done. It feels great, doesn't it?

Lynne xx

Really, really brilliant! Even though I don't always feel like exercising, I always feel better when I have done. It really helps the muscles to use oxygen efficiently, so keep it if you can! All that great fresh air eh? X


Lots of fresh air (and a bit of rain) x

Congratulations Hypercat, that was some walk. Glad you enjoyed it and hope that the benefits of the exercise in the fresh air last a while and make you feel even better.

Auntymary xx

wow well done you , doing things we enjoy and your mind would have been on chatting and playing with the dog, its amazing we can achieve more than we think

but the word has to be pace your self which you say you did with plenty of stops

Well done but please make sure you dont overdo it as i will not be able to read any of your comments for a while as you will be too tired to write any take care.

lol william thank you xx

well done, sure was long walk and you did it, loads fresh air in them lungs, good on you xxx

good times eh? Well done xx

Its a good feeling, I swam 30 lengths last week, my son encouraged me, stopped for a breather after each length, but I felt like I,d achieved something. Well done to you x

Aww thanks everyone. The friend I went with was brilliant. She is very fit and could have done the walk in half the time but she understands that I can't and she adjusted herself to my pace. we spent the whole time laughing And she didn't make me feel guilty at all for slowing her up. No showing impatience or taking the mickey or anything.

Just shows that with good friends we can achieve so much. I think I have learned a lesson from her about patience and understanding and making others feel good regardless of their circumstances.

I was tired when I got back but a good tired. And I must admit I didn't do anything else for the rest of the day, though I felt as though I could.

Thanks so much for all your support too. And well done Shirley.

Bev xx :)


Do you have any have any health walks nearby to you? They are graded, so some are much easier than others, and anyway we are all in the same boat! So no one is blasting off and away, leaving us behind. Try searching for Walks for Health if this interests you?

Well done again,


Loads of walks here Polly! I live in torquay and there are loads of different ways to get to the beaches, fields and others. Don't need to search for walks for health there are enough hills and walks here to last a lifetime! :)

be x

Interesting reading! I too went for a walk with my husband today in brilliant sunshine. I cheated, I was on a buggy. Loved what was left of the autumn colours.

Thats still well done annie. Couldnt go where i did on a buggy...:)

It must be a day for dog walking. Lovely sunny day for the time of year and very pretty with the lovely autumn colours. Spoilt the health benefits though by making lemon drizzle cake when we got home which we will no doubt devour this evening x

Why puppylover I didn't know you were such a nature lover! Know about cakes though lol :)

bev x

Wow well done Bev, its good to be out in the fresh air and spending time with others xx

Sure is June x

Crikey! Puts my little walk to shame, only joking. We both did well. Lilian xxxxx

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