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I was going to the supermarket yesterday I was walking up to the bus stop and had a panic attack,I was so scared out of my waits,someone rang an ambulance and I went to ,hospital,SATswere 99-%",had a n ECG fine ,but doc said ther was a very minor ????heart block on it but nothing to worry about,he said loads of people have them,iv never heard of I1,can any one enlighten me please?

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NHS info to read:

Have a chat with someone on the BLF helpline when they start again on Monday, they will be able to reassure you further.


I am sorry to hear about your panic attack.I am on medication to prevent them.Ask your Doctor if anything can prescribed for you.


Yes I will,it was awfull yesterday I thought my time was up,I was so frightened ,thank you


Hi Meg

Panic attacks can be really frightening - the physical symptoms they produce feel so real.

Heart Block is a type of arrythymia (irregular heart beat) some people don't even know they have it as it may not cause any symptoms or problems.

I would suggest speaking to your GP to see if you need a referral to a cardiac specialist. I know this is easy for me to say but try not to get too worry or stressed.

We have some excellent information on Anxiety which you can access below:

Please feel free to call us on 03000 030 555.

Best Wishes



Anxiety is my main problem with the COPD - got your pack and dvd today thanks Jo - looks like the 'workouts' are my priorety can see myself on the downward spiral - so here goes............


Iv seen my gp today,I had another ECG,every thing fine


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