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At my local Breathe Easy group yesterday we had the pleasure of an excellent demonstration by Wiltshire Farm Foods. Many of you like myself will probably have seen the advert on TV with Ronnie Corbett promoting their meals – well I’ve always thought “oh yes it’s all rubbish” though after tasting their meals and looking through their brochure I am a total convert. Their food is very tasty with all the nutrition you need, their packaging is user friendly for the not so dexterous, you don’t have to pierce the plastic film covering and in my opinion their pricing is VERY REASONABLE. On top of this they don’t charge delivery, they don’t have a minimum purchase, the food is brought into your home and put in your freezer by the driver and if you choose you can pay on delivery in cash.

No I am not employed by this firm and I am not an advocate of frozen meals but if you live alone or just can’t be bothered to prepare, cook yourselves a meal it’s a product to look into buying.



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  • Better than a spam sandwich

  • for someone to come in and deliver meals is better than nothing they must be selling or they would not still be going

    are you going to try them

  • Oh. Reminded of fried spam when I was a child! Loved it :)

    Lynne x

  • I often get the Wiltshire farm foods - very tasty and friendly deliverers - a boom living on my own, takes the pressure off cooking now and again, and always something in the freezer when needed.

  • Ditto

  • I agree, been having Wiltshire for past 6yrs, as you say always something in freezer if you dont feel upto cooking.....

  • ive looked on their website and thought about trying the sample box its always good to have meals in the freezer and most ready meals from the suprmarkets arent really that nice ive only thought about it before i might actually order one now

  • Have tried Wiltshire and Oakhouse Foods. Both are good though Oakhouse charge £1 delivery if order is below £30. Both firms drivers are friendly and will put food in the freezer for you. Why not get boyh catalogues and then choose.

  • We considered it for my elderly MIL and they do look good but she found the portions a bit big. We get her the M&S little meals for one. They aren't bad value at all either and are v tasty. I do appreciate however this relies on you being able to get out to the shops.

  • Wiltshire do mini meals now Marie....

  • We started taking Wiltshire meals last year because of economy, convenience and taste having previously tried a sample pack. All fine for a few weeks and then a foreign object appeared in a Chicken casserole. It was a shard of black carton that had broken off of another.

    The company was apologetic, replaced the meal and gave us £5 voucher.

    A while later the same thing occurred so we complained and would never recommend this company. Also nobody seemed to know what to do with the voucher.

    I suggest 'trawling' the meals if anybody takes them.

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