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Breathe Easy

My visit to Ilkeston yesterday was a success, my fellow passengers left the front seat for me and my wristbands worked wonderfully so no travel sickness.

Representatives from several different Breathe Easy groups were there and everyone was very friendly. We had talks, discussions, workshops. We had a lovely buffet lunch during which we chatted to people we had not met before, I really enjoyed it.

I would encourage anyone who has a local Breathe Easy Group to go along, you have nothing to loose and lots of friends to be made.


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So glad you enjoyed your trip, travel sickness is one hell of a bind and can make even the shortest of rides a nightmare, I never travel without bags, wipes.

I echo your advice on Breathe Easy groups we can gain so much out of them, I've met so many new people and made several new friends.




Hi pollyj. I was at the meeting at Ilkeston FC.and thoroughly enjoyed it.I am from BE Nottingham. As you say I also chatted to to people I had not met before.Breathe Easy Groups do really have a lot to offer and I would encourage anyone whatever age with COPD to join their local group(details BLF)

Richard Cornish


join know it makes sense


Glad you had such a good day Polly, I endorse everything you say about BE.

As a fellow travel sicky im interested in the wrist bands you mention - can you pls give me details of where to get some? thanks.

Something i find helpful is root ginger - i chew a small amount when travelling, bit hot but it works and its good for the lungs too :) - jean


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