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Keep your fingers crossed

Hi Everyone,

My cracked rib from coughing is getting better and finally able to stop the painkillers now just very sore but bearable. Tomorrow l am going for loads of scans as I have had a funny turn and went numb down one side which lasted 24 hours, I was violently sick before although that's not a symptom of a Mini TIA it happened when l was in bed, l don't need a stroke on top of IPF l would love to hear how many there are on this site with IPF an how you cope with this dreadful disease an do you get depressed with the constant coughing.

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I get depressed just listening to richard's constant coughing , so he must be feeling worse. he has ipf, he also did have a stroke but that was 21 years ago, you are not alone. xxx


Glad your rib is healing well buddygirl,you must be coughing well to crack a rib,ouch! I used to cough a lot when I first got copd many years ago,I couldn't lay down and had to sleep sitting up,sucking 'zubes'! now I just cough when I'm having an exacerbation,and I can't keep anything down! yuck! Postive thoughts can change a lot of things.I hope with the greatest positivity I can muster that you will come through these tests well and all the coughing will stop!

Take things easy, Carol :) x


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