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experimenting with new foods

the respiratory nurse gave us a list of food which puff should try to eat including blueberries and pinto beans which i have not cooked for him before, not sure how it would turn out, i made curried chicken and pinto bean casserole followed by apple and blueberry and redfruits crumble tonight he said it was very good.(he HAD to say that ;)).

not masterchef but if anyone is interested i can put how i did it.Might help someone.the casserole is nice and warming this weather.

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I love trying new foods and recipes.. :) maybe the powers that be could add a section for us to add our recipes. Just a thought.

that would be nice, preshous.I am especially interested in the antioxidant foods, also any with vitamin a or d in them, as i am going to try to get a lot of these into puff's diet.As it is winter i will be looking to serve hot meals.

My Mouth is watering just what I fancy fruit crumble and custard!

Nice idea preshous about adding a recipe section - maybe a poetry one too.

Good idea for both sections I do not like cooking very much but will have a go at something different.


Great idaea , how about starting the ball rolling and blog the 1st recipe of the day and I am sure many will follow. lol maureen usa

I don't know now.Puff is more ill this morning.I hope it wasn't my cooking!!!!!!!!!!


yummy crumble ..............with warm custard .......

i like a good stew in the winter nights ....

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