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Christmas shopping savings

Hi Everyone

Some of you may think it is still a little early to talk Christmas, but i'm hoping some of you are like me and love it!

Obviously things are hard financially for a lot of people so i though i would share this link from the Money Saving Expert website on how to save money!

If anyone comes across any good bargains let us know!


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I have the best solution to save money at christmas, do not celebrate it at all because its a man made festival anyway. It would be more Christ like to donate to the starving children all over the world. ( thats what Christ would prefer ) We have so much and our Children are spoilt, some poor kids dont have clean water.In comparison to others we could say Its Christmas everyday for us.I understand that some people enjoy it and thats great for them but I refuse to join in, Every day is a celebration of life, love, families and friends and we are so lucky to have what we already have, I dont need Christmas to express this.



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