Free Book

I wrote about this last night but I think I deleted it by mistake, whoops. There is a free book on Amazon for Kindle users called Your Quit Smoking System, it might help or a least pass your time away and stop you thinking about the dreaded weed. I havent read it myself as I am a NON SMOKER, Yipee, but had a look and it looks interesting.

Hope it helps someone


2 Replies

  • Thanks for that will have a look and get it as trying hard to quit and do have a kindle, take care.

  • I have hundreds of Nonfiction books on my Kindle and have never paid for one, I get them all from Amazon. They change there Freebies every day so keep checking, you will see some really good ones. I use to spend a fortune on books so I have saved hundreds of pounds and with not spending money on Ciggys now I should be rolling in money ( in my dreams )

    Take care


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