sorry guys !!

for the last few weeks i have been so worried about Val i have not been on here much - then other stuff started to happen, my company totally cocked up my last months pay ( for some reason they put my leaving date as 9th September instead of 12th October!!) then sent me a letter saying i owed them £1300 !! I got the letter on Saturday morning so i couldn't do anything about it!! so i have got direct debits bouncing all over the place! - got it sorted now but waiting for the money to go into my account.

was so stressed over the weekend that i actually became depressed! - not me at all, an old friend once said "you'd laugh to see a puddin crawl" (god only knows what that means!)

This is the sorta stuff i would speak to my bezzie about, but she decided she was gonna pop off ahead of me and make the wine and cakes ready for when i join her ( by the way Val, i aint coming yet so don't burn the cakes!)

Just really want to say that you are all lovely people and those of you that know me will know i usually turn a funeral into a comedy act but at the moment i am feeling really down and missing Val ( hadnt spoken to her for a few days - kept in contact via Graham) so please forgive me if i don't join in - the stress has hit me like a ton of bricks and no matter how strong you are sometimes you just need to have a bloody good cry!!

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  • I think everyone understands completely Krazy. You were close to Val and although it has hit us all, it will have hit you more than most.

    Lynne xx

  • Dear Kerry, its understandable you are so upset, don't worry yourself about needing to be other than you feel, take all the time you need and just pop in when you feel like doing. We all understand. Cry when you need to, is all part of the process. I know Val would not want you to be sad but I am sure she and all of us understand. Every now and then remember the smiles and laughs and the special friendship you shared.

    So sorry you had to deal with the works errors at this time, but glad it is now sorted.

    You and all close to Val are in my thoughts (when I'm not thinking about cake that is ;) ) x x

    Loads of love and hugs

    Zoee xoxox

  • Hi kerry there nothing to forgive sweetheart, you've had hell of alot to deal with lately

    and now val,don't worry about us you look after yourself,we will always be here for you

    when you need us, when your ready,

    rose xxx

  • yup nothing to forgive. Go stick the Green Mile on and have a proper blart.

  • I am quite new this to this site, but I really feel for you and vals family, take care of yourself, and hopefully your money will be sorted out soon. Take care x shirley

  • Hi Krazylady

    If you want to talk you know where we are!

    Best Wishes


  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • don't stop yourself from grieving, take care of yourself. Godbless xx

  • Sending you a big ((((hug)))) xx

  • ((((((crazy)))))))) hugs to you


  • I am thinking of you, this is such a sad time.

    Libby x

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi kerry,

    i would just like to say what a lovely picture you chose for you blog val,

    does it mean val was the rose in your hands,

    take very good care of yourself sweetheart,

    rose xxxx

  • Hi Krazy, everyone understands u dnt need to apologise we all need time away, ur sense of humour is still there so thats gd, i didnt knw val as well as you, but the news hit me in that i had to read and re read it to make sure id read it right, and im still shocked and saddend by the news. God only takes the good ones first to help us less mortals when we get there! Go easy on yourself hun xx

  • It's a terrible shock for you dear and you need to give yourself time. Also, when something like this happens, it brings home to all of us "there but for fortune". I think you should take Jo up on that and phone her on the helpline, sometimes it's easier to talk these things through with people you don't know but who understand

    love, FF xxx

  • Sending you lots of love 'n' hugs xx

  • I'm quite to to the site. so my thoughts are with you.

    Kim xxxx

  • take care and do something to help you smile in between the tears . xxx

  • Omg,has val died???

  • Luv & hugs xx Sue

  • I'm quite new to this site but I feel for you losing Val as a friend and also Vals family. I think you chose I loverly photo for your Blog Val (did you take it yourself?) wishing you smiles and a sense of humour between the tears and your money sorted soon. Go easy on yourself - a big bear hug xx BB

  • sending you a really big hug at this very sad time try to keep strong

  • Totally understandable Krazy. Lots of good wishes and hugs coming your way. Take care of yourself please. xxx

  • Have only just read the sad news about Val, krazylady, as I've been away for a week. You two became very close friends so it's only natural this has hit you hard especially having the added burden of your employer's mistake.

    As others have said before me, we'll all understand if you step back for a while and take stock. Just pop in when you can, we enjoy your company :)


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