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help with bullous disease please

hi all, new to this site, diagnosed with emphesyma 18 months ago and stopped smoking right away! however i have now been told i have bullous disease any info would be a great help i am not on any meds much to my doctors surprise as hen thought i would be on everything going! so kind of in limbo and expecting to wake up one day soon feeling really ill but praying i dont.

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I have had bullae for many years. First time I was aware was around 1994 when my left lung collapsed because I had such a massive one. Still have small bullae till this day but they don't seem to bother me too much. They are actually air or fluid filled sacs. I think they are caused by our under lying disease. In my case, sacroidosis, p fibrosis, bronchiectasis and aspergillus. Hope you keep well.



sorry i can't help you with bollous, i'd just like to say hello and welcome

rose xxx


Just thought I'd say hi tasha21.


Hi Tasha21, Ive never been defined with bullous emphysema as such but I do have large bullae bottom of my left lung (large is defined as Icm across, giant ones are even bigger.)

As I understand it, bullae are formed due to breakdown of the walls between the individual alvioli which have lost their elasticity due to the emphysema damage, so tiny alvioli are converted to a much larger space, making less surface for oxygen to transfer to the blood. I dont know any more than this and im sure the BLF helpline would explain it much better.

Good wishes, jean


Thanks everyone, even those that just said hi! its nice to know we are not alone and there is always someone out there to help, it means a lot.

thanks Tasha


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