feeling rough

Hi there everyone, I have`nt blogged for a while, I have felt really well for the past 12 weeks. I have however, been keeping a keen eye on what has been happening to you all. I do hope your feeling better than I do at the moment, the usual, you know, strggling to breathe, taking 2nd. lot of steroids and anti-biotics, nebuliser etc. etc. can`t seem to be able to keep oxygen levels up for some reason, was told on Friday that I might have a `pluritic rub` never heard of it before so got to go and see doctor again tomorrow. If anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful.

Regards Linda

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a pluritic rub is where the outer wall and the inner wall of the lung is stuck together, and not

passing each other like thay should, its called plurisy, it means theres an infection between

the walls

rose xxx

Hi oakhouse2 sorry I too had never heard off a pluritc rib but I do hope your feeling better soon and thank you rose for your clear answer on what a pluritic is. take care both.BBxx

oops missed the word rib out - meant -clear answer on what a pluritic rib is.

sorry its not rib its rub, never mind xxx

Thanks so much for that, ddoes anyone know what the treatment is and could it be that thats making me breathless?


it could be whats making you so breathless, and the treatment is antibiotics, and

bed rest, i had this in the 90s, thay might treat it diffirently now i dont know,

rose xxx

Thanks lindierose, the doctors have a problem with me because I am allergic to 5 of the main anti-biotics so I do hope they can give me something to clear it up, I`ll let you know what they decide to do with me

Many many thanks


Hi linda,

happy to be of help,

take care

rose xxx

Hope you feel well again soon Linda :) x

Hi Guys, well I`ve been to the doctors, oxygen levels still low but am feeling a bit better than I did. Doctor can`t hear the pluritic rub, tested everything, he has however given me some Carbocisteine 375 capsules, he told me there for mucus, I did`nt think I have mucus, I have never had a cough but he tells me that you can have mucus without a cough, anyway I have to take 2 three times a day for a month then go back and see him again. I`m taking so many tablets at the moment i`m rattling when I move

Regards to you all


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