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Hello all,i was diagnosed with emphysema a few weeks ago and am just waiting for my results of a ct scan i had last week,so this might seem a silly question,i am a cleaner and obviously use cleaning products and sprays,i have noticed on occassions that when working i get a persistent cough,so can anyone tell me if they know of any cleaning sprays that won't irritate my cough.I'm hoping i will get more info from my gp when i go back to see him re result,but feel a bit in limbo at the mopment.Thankyou.

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Do not use cillit bang. I use flash, keep all windows open and doors open.

It's trial and error try cif if possible

As a employee your employer should supply you with nateral cleaning products, if you advice them of your condition, when clarified. As jackie50 says it can be trial and error. The stronger the smell the worse it will be.

And it is not just the cleaning products. I find that anything which needs to be sprayed has an affect on my breathing. I'd go with Stone's suggestion and speak to your employers.

Thankyou all.x

Time to change your job have the same reaction with all sprays :-( perfume bug spray deodorant all do it.

Hope the news is not so bad with the scan.

Thankyou moovin.

i'm a cleaner to and had the same problem,so i stoped useing sprays and used a bucket

of water with some hard suface cleaner in it instead it seamed to be better for me,|

rose xxx

Thankyou rose.

Hi Caroltayz, I think this is another issue for copd sufferers that is not generaly known to the general public, that a lot of deoderants, air fresheners,exhaust fumes from cars, and many more things cause us so many breathing problems and it often takes time to recover after catching a whiff of any of them. I hope you resolve the problem to allow you to carry on working. PS. I have had copd for twelve years, my immediate family thankfully do all they can to shield me from these issues. Regards, Arn.

Something which often happens is when staff spray table tops in restaurants. There are health and safety guidelines which say they should spray the cleaner into the cloth they use, but they seldom do. The worst experience i had was sitting in a cafe waiting for a meal and a woman came over and sprayed neat Mr. Muscle straight on our table :( We try to raise awareness when this happens, and generally people are very nice and welcome the information.

At home I have started using a steam cleaner which just uses ordinary tap water. It's great and there are no perfumed smells which affect Jim's breathing. The one I got can be used for everything. X5 I think.

I too was a cleaner for years,I retired at 60,diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and copd.I know for sure now that the majority of sprays be it cleaning products or perfume will affect my breathing.Try solid polish,lemon juice in water for sprays or just plain old washing up liquid diluted in water.Dont ever use fly sprays or even scented candles.

i stopped using most cleaning products because of the toxic fumes they give off and started using a hand held steam cleaner.Not only does it use only water it sanitisers as well and it doesn't give off any fumes.

Thankyou all for your replies,the lemon juice in water for sprays sounds an excellent idea.

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