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Age and stage at diagnose

Good morning all, hear is a bit more about me. I was diagnosed almost three years ago at age 51 with moderate copd. My dr tells me I have a large asthma component along with all the other beauties. My worst symptom is coughing I'm always tired this of course could be from my lupus as well as copd.

I take seretide and spiriva for the copd also I'm on frequent steroids for inflammation in my lungs that my dr thinks causes me to cough so much.

I would love to know what age you were diagnosed and whats your worse sympton also what meds your on.

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I was diagnosed 18 months ago aged 61. I take Seretide and Spiriva plus Mucodyne to loosen any mucus mainly when I get an infection in the lungs. I also take antibiotics and Prednisalone if I do get an infection. Worse symptoms are when I get an infection and can't walk so far as I would normally with COPD. Hope that helps..


I was diagnosed earlier this year at 57. I had no problems whilst I smoked and started to be brteathless about 3 months after I gave up. I am moderate with a FEV1 of 55%.

I am on spiriva, which I find is great and have a salbutomol inhaler for when I need it, but I rarley need to. I try to exercise a lot and I am convinced that helps and I am trying to lose 2 stone to be the correct weight (Weight I put on when I gave up smoking).

Having COPD doesn't stop me doing anything, I just sometimes have to do it a bit slower. I am self employed and travel the country working so it will be hard for me to avoid people's germs though.

Lynne x


I am 66 and was diagnosed with COPD and bronchietacis about 25 years ago although I have had a bad chest since childhood. I can remember my nan taking me to Weston Super Mare for the air.

I take salmetrol, terbutaline, spiriva, and azithromycin.

The worst thing is breathlessness and not being able to to what I want without getting very tired, I also do not have much get up and go.

I used to cough continuosly with many chest infections within a 12 month period, that was until I saw my consultant about 18 months ago and he put me on azithromycin Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, since then (touch wood) I have not had a chest infections although I do cough a little.

I don't know what stage I am at and don't think I want to, I just do what I can when I can.



Hi copder,

i was diagnosed just this year in august i'm 52 and i'm at the moderate stage,the only

symptom i have is breathlessness no cough or anything, never had a chest infection in my

life before, or the flu and get a cold about ever 4 years,

i'm on spiriva,symbicort 400,bricanyl turbhaler,and mucodyne, i'm breathless

moving from room to room and can't go out very much on my own,witch means

i have to stay in because my partner works alot,

rose xxx


I too have moderate copd, was diagnosed 17yrs ago will be 64 this december. I am so lucky to live close to a shopping mall and go out at least 5 days a week just walking at my own pace in side the mall. I take symbicort 160/4.5 given here in the states. I nebulise once a week using just saline and a pinch of sea salt to keep my lungs clear. Yet it is getting out and walking that has been the most benificial for my mind and health. My husband workes till 7:00 at night so i just go slow and rest when needed when out on my own. When home i have loads of friends that i play poker with on the internet and many come from the uk. Please make an effort to get out and walk even if its just a routine walk around the block on nice days. This christmas ask your hubby for a kindle , nothing like a good read to take your mind to far away places. God bless Maureen usa


I was diagnosed 43 years ago at the age of 22. I am on spiriva, qvar, serevent, sabutamol, prednisilone, nebulised colomycin, azithromycin, mon, wed, fri. voriconazole,a beta blocker and lansoprazole, carbosciteine, and lyrica and cocodamol. Think thats the lot.

Don't even think about what stage I am at but it ain't early!



i was diagnosed just last year(23/10/2011) aged 43/male....

i have the "mild" flavour lol.......

mine are out of breath quickly as cant really do things a fast as i could and the coughing nonstop also..and the panic attacks & my long term depression.

i am on serevent, sabutamol, spiriva, lansoprazole and also domperidone.

plus a wee mix of clarithromycin/prednisolone/amoxicillin to help with infections..

and my trazodone for my depression and the odd temazepam now & again.....

it seems we all have a lot of common tablets at all stages so it dont matter wot stage we are at then as its all the same.

all the best



Thank you all so much for answering my questions. I thought I was very young to have this illness but it seems as if I wrong. I have lost some of my real life friends simply due to the fact I can't keep up with them. Nobody's to blame it's just they way it is. I'm not always available to go to shows, out for meals or to the cinema. I've been unable to work for the past 8 years this is due to my lupus. So I am looking forward to making new cyber friends.


Hi Copdber

I've been recently diagnosed, am 43 male, still working fulltime, and fully intend to keep working, having to get used to doing things a bit slower, due to the breathlessness, the persistant coughing is a pain though, just as i seem to be feeling better another cold comes along.

GP says i am very mild, i'm taking spriva and seretide, still trying to find best meds etc



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