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Swollen legs

When the resparitory nurse comes she usually asks any swelling in ankles,I`ve always said no because they never have been,they often swell if I`ve been flying,I`ve been stood at the Bonfire approx 2hrs ago for approx 1 and half hours,but thats not long,my ankles and legs upto my knees are very swollen,can anyone tell me what this means and if I can do anything to get swelling down,flippin COPD

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You need to get your legs up. It's usually the best way to reduce swelling in your ankles etc.

I'd then suggest you maybe give the respiratory nurse a ring or your GP on Monday. Lung disease can often affect how well your heart works/circulation and one of the symptoms can be swollen ankles and legs. Then again you've been standing for a long time so I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but best get it checked out.

Marie x


Swollen feet/ankles can also be a sign that you are short of oxygen - not an emergency situation but one that needs checking out.


I had swollen legs which annoyed me because they used to be slim and unmottled. I was recommended to wear support hosiery - knee highs in my case. Diuretics and keeping them elevated (a nuisance) You can get fancy ones on the internet but you have to pay.

Your legs need to be measured. All the best.


Raise the foot of the bed about 4 inches. It helps the cup veins in the legs to work with less effort and rests the heart a little. Friends put a hefty book under each of the end legs for me and each morning...I have very slim ankles. Problem with COPD's is that we do have to rest quite a bit so the fluid will collect at the lowest point. Weight is a factor but as we are collectively unable to endure lengthy exercise some attention to diet is a must. During pregnancy 'heels above hips' was the advice and it worked. Do it when resting but, as Annie suggests, when you want to be out and about and not have to buy bigger shoes try the support knee high's. About to arrange my first appointment with Consultant, six years since diagnosis, so will certainly tell them about the swelling. Had no idea it was connected to the COPD.....thank you Aunty Mary.



Thankyou for replies everyone,the swelling has gone down alot,but will see a Doc or Nurse tomorrow,again I say its great to have my coffee morning copd friends and all the people on hear who help greatly,Thankyou all


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