Grandma and her computer

Hi HealthUnlockders

The computer swallowed Grandma.

Yes,honestly it's true!

She pressed 'control' and 'enter'

And disappeared from view,

It devoured her completely,

The thought just makes me squirm.

She must have caught a virus

Or been eaten by a worm.

I've searched through the recycle bin

And files of every kind:

I've even used the internet,

But nothing did I find.

In desperation,I asked Mr Google

My searches to refine.

The reply from him was negative,

Not a thing was found ' on line'.

So if inside your ' inbox',

My Grandma you should see,

Please 'Copy,Scan' and 'Paste'her

And send her back to me.

This is a tribute to all the Grandmas and Grandpas who have been fearless and learned to use the Computer

They are the greatest!!!

Richard Cornish


18 Replies

  • Thats really made me laugh Richard cheered me up no end.


  • Wonderful Richard. Describes this Grandma to a T.

  • Do hope you find her soon Dick so much gets lost in computers :D

  • Just super!

  • This is wonderful - you are wasted on here.

  • Thank you Richard your poem made me laugh I can relate to losing important things via a computer button. . Many more poems to come I hope from the BLFs poet Laureate!BBxx

  • Wonderful!!!!!!! I'm a grandma and found this hilarious!

  • That was so funny it made me smile.

  • hi my grandson came to help me change my browser he thinks im great cos i have a computer .i had one twenty minute lesson from my son in law and i was away .I have done my family tree im an ebay addict and bless technoligy i only get out once a week so my laptop is my life line im 71 and still believe one goes on learning

  • The interenet is amazing and you are right, we learn something new every day. Keep on computing and well done. xx

  • Very funny. More please.

  • Totally brilliant.More poems please.I have no children so no grandchildren but I am of that age.Really made me laugh

  • Made me laugh lots too! Anymore like that? xxx

  • Watch this Space

  • HAAA so funny yes Im granma and its just so funny thanks xx

  • It is always nice to have a laugh.

  • That's lovely! x

  • Great way to start the day. Thanks

    What a talent!

    I'm a grand dad - does that mean I'm safe? Or can I look forward to meeting your grandma one day in cyberspace?

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