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Sunny day

Beautiful sunny day here in Shropshire, now all of a sudden at only 3-30 pm it's gone really dark. Fish & Chips tonight (Saturday treat!!)

Soon be half way through Nov then just December to battle through, January is always over very quickly then February and the daffodils start showing and Spring is on its way

It's started tipping it down that's why it went so dark

Forever hopefull Libby x

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Love the way you have just skimmed over the dreaded Winter.



What a lovely "cup-half-full" attitude to the seasons. Roll on Spring!


Very positive way of looking at a time of year which depresses some folk.


Wont be long before the spring flowers are shooting up I love that Lizzie x


I keep telling my family that "spring will soon be here" they usually give me a right old fashioned look, having just come in from freezing cold ! but its the way i get through, ive my books, jigsaws, knitting and telly and sometimes i peek out the back door ive some primroses flowering! cheers me up. same thing happened last year poor things have got seasons all mixed up.!!

Ivyleaf x


It was nice and sunny this morning wasn't it? I put the little un in her pushchair and the 3 of us went for a walk down town. Had a browse in the shops, Leah enjoyed watching all the diggers at work (lots of roadworks and building etc) and had a few bargains, mostly from the charity shops. Amazing what you find these days. The girls had some toys and I found a lamp shade for my mum, which was just perfect.

We then got some nibbles form Greggs and sat on the bench outside. Perfect.

Glad you enjoyed your morning and hope your fish n chips were nice xx


Fish and chips sound lovely. Haven't had those for a while and trying to lose weight and not doing too badly so far. I love the way you quickly got to Spring. I hate January the most I think. Looking forward to Spring even more now! xxxx


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