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I've done it!

Today (fanfare please) I have joined the Local Authority gym.

I was a member until about 5 years ago and gave it up when we got the allotment. As I now work part time, and as my husband goes down to 3 days a week at work, we have both joined as we will have enough time to do the gym and the allotment.

I have to go for an induction where they will work out a plan to fit with COPD but I feel I have made a positive start.

Lynne x

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Well done Lynne, what with the gym and all that forking and digging you're going to be very fit.



Congratulations. You can look forward to many benefits.


That's brilliant Lynne (fanfare of trumpets well done that girl) and if they don't cater for c.o.p.d. sufferers well they've got a capable leader in you - you've almost succeeded in making me look at the exercises I printed out six months ago and havent looked at or tried yet. This is the time to just do it even though at my age have to be sensible and do just enough to keep active -bound to keep out the cold too. Good for you and hubby too of course.


Hi lynne,

well done i hope you get on with it alright and it helps you,

rose xxx


Good on you hun, hope you enjoy it and I'm sure you will benefit alot xx


Fanfare of trumpets...Congratulations ....Good Luck and Enjoy,,,,,,Another Fanfare of trumpets!BBxx


Well done Lynne its something I should do, but have to admit hate going to the gym. I find it very boring!!!! Let me know how it goes. Lizzie xx


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