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Finally done it

Hi everyone hope you are all breathing easier I could not believe the size of the form for esa it has taken me three days to fill it in but have finally completed it and sent it off special delivery also have my mom in hospital who is at the very severe stage of this disease I thought she was picking up a little but went today and she has a chest infection and is on antibiotics and steroids she is a carbon dioxide retainer so has been on the mask at night but has been taken off today has oxegen levels have remained at 88% so I am hoping that she will pick up a little over the coming days.I went to see the specialist myself yesterday and explained I am having a lot of trouble with mucus at the back of my throat at night he put me on a nasal steroid spray to see if that helps at all first night last night no change but will continue with it.Went for meeting with my manager last week and was told I will be finished off work on ill health so with so much going on right now I am just about holding it together how long for I dont know also I am the only child so not much help in looking after mom.

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Well done on completing the ESA form. A tip for anyone else going through this application process, or DLA etc., use the Computer based form and fill it in bit by bit. It's not only neater than (my) scrawl but it's also possible to edit what you've put if you remember something - often inspired by a very similar question being asked later in the process...



Another benefit is that you will have a full copy on your own computer, should the form get 'lost in the post' or if they try to make out you didn't tick a certain box. Always put in as much detail about your own condition and personal difficulties as you can, otherwise the decision maker will not know about it of course. Many advise to give details of a bad day, not an average or how you feel at the time you fill it in.

At least the hospital with try and keep your mom comfortable and she's got all those experts around her if she needs anything.

The nasal spray can take a day or three to produce noticeable results. I've had a couple of different ones and they do help, eventually. Like yourself, I've had them for gunk that gathers at the back of the throat, usually during the night. I wake up in a morning and can't breathe, there's so much of it.

It does shift on its own in the night if I "grunt and swallow", but that's not good as it then triggers GERT and the acid taste wakes me up. I use the nasal spray before bed but the most effective treatment is my first cuppa of the day - tea with a generous splash of milk, perhaps with a custard cream. If that does not shift it, nothing will ;-) All I do is dunk the biccy, so it's soft, and give it a good chew before swallowing. Follow it with a sip or two of nice hot tea and I'm soon able to have a productive cough.

Sorry to hear about the job, in many ways I want to say 'look after yourself' first, but appreciate that you probably didn't want to finish.


Sorry you are having such a tough time lately, it always seems to happen all at once.

Wishing you mum better soon.

After you have tried Gordon's sites try

You may get some more advice if you have to try again.

Take care. B.


hope ur mums better soon..........

and all the best with the esa....................



If you are struggling to help your mum try contacting Social Services and asking for an assessment. They could then provide some help for her to assist you. Hope the spray works soon. Good luck with the ESA.


Hi al i realy get fed up with things like essa y use this term moor important is what it means

what is it ok . If i saide ive got wroc comeing i dont think meny of you would know what i mean

and for new people its harder had my gripe look a\ffter yourselves bob


Thanks to all of you I always feel a little better when I have been on here to read other peoples blogs. I will let you know how I get on have a good weekend all and thanks Gordon for all the info you supply


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