Getting anxious

Can anyone help? I had a flu jab and pneumoccocal jab yesterday and am feeling weird today. Short of breath and feeling cold, and quite pale looking. Have a doc appointment Monday. Haven't had spirometry done yet. Your thoughts please. Thankyou am getting quite anxious. Day 26 as non smoker. No idea what I should be doing in this cold weather if I have got COPD.

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  • I would have thought that feeling cold may be the reason for the shortness of breath rather than the jabs but I'm just an ordinary person. Get yourself warmed up. No need to get anxious. Be calm and you'll breath better. Well done on day 26. Virtually a month now ! :)

  • I didn't have any trouble with having the flu and pneumonia vaccine at the same time although from experience (over the years), I have felt under the weather on occasion after the flu jab, some times its ok, other times have a couple of sleepy days. My advice would be to rest up over the weekend, get some hot soup inside you if you are feeling cold and get under the duvet. Could well be the cold damp weather that is causing your shortness of breath. It affects many of us. However if your breathing deteriorates further over the weekend and you are worried or concerned, phone NHS direct and see what they say:

    Well done on 26 days smoke free, keep up the good work ;)

    Check blog 'Looking after your lungs in cold weather' lots of tips /links for you to check through:

    Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and you have a good visit with the doc on Monday.

  • thank you think its because my flat is cold and thank you for the good wishes on quitting. Take care have a good weekend too

  • Thank you can't seem to get warm had hailstones here today like golf balls. Brrrrr x

  • 26 and counting......................


  • Thanks am at last beginning to feel proud of myself.x

  • Well done on day 26!

    I too was fine after my jabs, but it can sometimes affect you, I think. Remember though, its not serious. Just keep warm and things will be fine.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi I felt very shivery for about 7 days this year and my husband felt unwell I usually am okay I think sometimes they change what goes in it. Keep your self warm until it all subsides.

  • wise advice thank you feeling cream crackered now, off to my pit. Lizzie

  • Had our flu jabs Thurs. husbands shivery and sniffling today but I'm fine, keep warm Lizzie and just do nothing (I like the hot toddy suggestion!). You got through day 5 supposedly the most difficult one - day 26 easy peasy. Take care of yourself.


  • Hi Libby thanks yes day 27 today can't believe it - have a good weekend Lizzie

  • Should have been day 25

  • Well done on quitting lizzie I had a weird reaction last year when I got both jabs was not well at all for a couple of days still keep in mind NHS direct as Zoee advises if it continues might reassure you just to talk to them

  • Oh thank you and for your advice which I will take if necessary. Went to bed early last night and slept for 10 hours!! All snuggled up against the cold lovely jubbly

  • Hi I understand how you feel as this happened to me. I have had the flu jab for the past 45 years and never had any reaction, however, this yr I felt cold and very tired and my husband said I looked very pale. I took my usual meds and went to bed with an extra throw on top of my duvet. I slept very deeply and woke up feeling really well. Hope this works for you. Its a mystery. Take care. Maximonkey

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