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Hi all, need bit help,I had my 3 month check up at hospital yesterday and Dr was very pleased with me,send me for breathing test, then looked up my chart, told me as it was 6 months since my discharge from hospital he would like me to have heart scan to check there is no fluid round the heart, now Im not sure if its an ultra scan, or ultra sound,and how long will he take? Im afraid of what it entails, thanks xxxxxx

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  • It's going into areas I know little about so I can't say a lot I'm afraid. It may be best to call the nurses on the BLF helpline, if they don't know they'll find out for you.

  • thanks Gordon probably over here things are done different,I dont know like you Im in dark, glad you doing well.xx

  • Hi bonnyirish I had an ultra scan on Monday totally painless and no side effects you can watch it being done on monitor funny seeing your insides lol please dont worry

  • oh Maggie thank God for you, about how long does it take, its for my heart,didnt get apt yet,but he told me would be soon.xx

  • I had an echocardiogram which was essentially an ultrasound. Non invasive but for me anyway I found it uncomfortable. When you have rubbish lungs they thicken and it's harder for the ultra sound to go through them so they have to press pretty hard on your chest especially on the parts where you tend to carry less fat/padding - basically under the boobs for us ladies and under the moobs for the gents!

    It doesn't hurt but can just be uncomfortable. Hopefully your lungs are a bit easier to see than mine. Oh and the gel is a bit cold! ;-)

  • I had an echocardiogram a couple of weeks back. Like has been said its just like an ultrasound. I laid down on my left side as it's apparently easier to do the scan of the heart.Watching the monitor was ok but the weird bit was when I heard the sound of my heartbeat quite loud !

  • Well done Bonnieirish you will have no problem with the echo. Trust me. xxx

  • Good news that your doc is pleased with you. As the others say the echo is no probs other than a little uncomfy at times. My last one showed some fluid and I am now on Frusemide in the morning.

  • Hi Bonnieirish, all I know is that Pete had an echo a few weeks back and he had no problems at all with it. Has to see our GP for follow up appointment on the 14th of this month so hope that is fine. You will do great so try not to worry. xxxxx

  • thank you ,you are great bunch ,got my apt letter this morning its for Jan 11th was told wear loose clothing, feel lot better after reading all your comments hugs xxx all

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