oh joy of joys

three weeks ago I went to Doctors with a lump in my throat he had a look and told me he thought it was Cancer OMG !!! I was told in July have a lump in one of my lungs going for another CT scan in December to see if it has grown. Back to throat, went to hospital on Monday had scan on neck and cells taken from lump which scan showed is in the thyroid gland saw the consultant and told would get results in two weeks time. I gave up smoking in July when diagnosed with copd,this last few weeks I could have eaten ciggies let alone smoked them,but havent had one.been on patches and nicorette inhalator,which I get from the Drs This afternoon I went to see the quitters [smoking]nurse told her I nearly weakened and why and joy of joys she had the same thing seven years ago had the lump removed and is fine. she said If the lump is in the thyroid it is confined and if you have to have cancer its the best place to have it.Left the Doctors feeling as though a ton weight had been lifted from my shoulders so hoping to sleep well tonight

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  • I am so pleased for you and that one of the medics had experienced what you were going through. Well done L x

  • Glad to hear the news was so positive! You must have been terrified!

  • thank you for your kind thoughts yes it has been a couple of bad weeks but hopefully the future is brighter xx

  • Brave lady! Keep posting how things are going. I am always amazed at the courage shown on here as I was a quivering wreck when being tested for lung cancer although it was called a chest exray and yes I got the standard it will be 3 weeks when you want to scream "no tell me now" but of course you don't. Like yourself I managed to stay quit on patches during that time but struggled and its getting a bit easier though still no walk in the park. Be very proud of yourself and it was a blessing you spoke to just the right person to help.

  • Very brave of you to be handling things so well. Hope the future is indeed very much brighter for you now. Wishing you the best of luck and good health. xxxxx

  • Thank you Lavender and Sassy got the appointment for results today the 12th November wish it was the 11th today will let you know outcome, so glad I found this site lots of lovely people helping one another Take care and keep well xx

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