More 404 errors folks

More 404 errors folks

I've hit this a few times today - clicking on 'reply to this' under a message is giving a '404 Page Not Found' error. I've tried a few times, so it's not just a one-off.

You can add to a blog/question at the bottom of a page, that works, you just can't add your comments in response to a specific message.

I've clicked the 'feedback' button and let the site team know.

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  • Sorry about this guys. I'm sure healthunlocked will get on to this issue as soon as possible

  • thanks for that gordon xx

  • Site team are on to it, but it may not affect everyone. I can still make it happen, every time I try, but others are managing to get it to work.

    I can reply to any blog or question at the foot of the page but when I try and do a 'reply to this' under a message within the blog it fails. Helpfully, the site team are stopping it giving a 404 page error, wonder what we will get instead? A 202 page, 'cos they've half sorted it ? ;-)

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