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colds and virus


Hi everybody, hope you all feeling well .

I,m fed up with this silly cold/virus ive had for about a month now.

anybody got same trouble ? been up and down with it seems to be going then flares up again. worse again today aching arms and legs bunged up nose feeling chilled although paracetamol helps with aches, and ive been staying in to keep warm! feeling so tired with it now really depressing and winter only just started ! .thought id let off steam to you good folks, sorry..........ivyleaf


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Hello Ivyleaf

Thats what we're here for you moan away we've all been there and its's horrible. I moan about going to work but I would rather that than be ill. I hope you are well soon.

Kim xx

ivyleaf in reply to kimmy59

thanks Kim....x


What is wrong with letting off steam between friends? Hope you feel better soon ivyleaf. x

ivyleaf in reply to Hidden

Thanks auntymary.......silly aerials coming down now.... ah well telly will go off in minute i expect !!.........x

You let off steam Ivyleaf, thats what we're hear for the good and the bad. Your arials coming down, you mean it's going to fall down !

Libby x. .

ivyleaf in reply to libbygood

it is , we,ve had such strong winds here last couple of days its hanging upside down so i have been told.! telly still on at moment but most likely go just as my Emmerdale comes on.......feeling lot warmer but breathing still not that good even for short trip to kitchen with oxygen on...... still reading some peoples problems on here today dont know what i moaning about.....Ivyleaf xx

Thats what we are here for to support each other in the best possible way we can. I hope you managed to see Emmerdale. I sat in the docs this morning and wish I had had a mask on .... everyone coughing and spluttering everywhere, have they not heard of putting their hands in front of their mouths? L x

ivyleaf in reply to lizziec1

Hi, Yes i did manage to see Emmerdale telly still going ok.! I know what you mean about people coughing around you worse is when they let out an enormous sneeze straight into the air. they dont seem to realise or care that they have just sent millions of germs into the air. makes me cringe......ivyleaf x

lizziec1 in reply to ivyleaf

Oh good glad you watched your soap. Was reading an article about germs that people sneeze out etc etc and they can reach anyone else within 3 feet of them. Apparently as a nation we are particularly bad at spreading germs!! Great eh? We shall soon all be wearing masks like the Japanese do on airplanes. ha ha L x

actually some seem to wear them in the streets in Japan. ! I thought of getting some to wear home here when people visit ....somebody must be bringing germs in i havnt been out for weeks !!!! I,m fed up with this cold that wont go. stay in and keep warm they say...not doing me much good..... !!...Ivyleaf x

hi ivyleaf

You're not alone by any means. I've had a 'cold' for weeks now, it won't go away. Running or bunged up nose, can't swallow properly, headache, legs ache - I feel a wreck, but I'm getting used to it I guess.

When I've had chest infections I've had the steroids and antibiotics, which can clear me up a bit from that, but everyone says they are no good for a cold. It just seems a bit better after a week on antibiotics.

I try not to take paracetamol or those cold remedies as all they do is dry me up for a day, then start the process again. I feel it just prolongs the illness.

Best to stay warm and drink plenty. Avoid contact with people who have sniffles if possible and look forward to the next summer.

Hi Ivyleaf, so much seems to be going around and this cold/virus thing is a pain. I am trying so hard to keep Pete safe and well but I have had a cold and sore throat myself so it has been a worry. My son-in-law has asthma and has been unwell because he caught the cold off his 4 month old son who cannot seem to get clear of it. I had not expected winter to start quite so early. Hope you get well soon and let off steam whenever you feel the need. It does you good. Stay warm. xxxx

Hi Gordon yes summer will be good, if we get one next year! spring will do...primroses in my garden! poor things have seasons mixed up. feeling a little better today must buy more tissues tho..!


Hi Sassy, sorry you have bad throat and cold. you dont know what to do for the best do you ? you have to care for other people but are afraid to pass germs on to them and vise versa.

I,m feeling a little better today but still have aches in arms freezing cold legs etc. never mind wrap my fleecy blanket around legs and watchthe telly.!

Ivyleaf and Pete keep good and warm, hope your son-in-law and the baby get better soon.

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