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Hello everyone,

Not been around for a few weeks due to a stomach bug that just wouldn't go away. Having had a fundoplication due to severe acid reflux and hernia I now can't vomit so these bugs stay in me's been a nasty few weeks but I'm slowly beginning to feel better HOWEVER I've become really really restless! I suffered with restless legs years ago but it went as soon as it came but for the last week I'm so restless...legs, arms, then I feel itchy.

It's mainly when I go to bed but sometimes it creeps in in the daytime too. I'm at my wits end!!! I could scream, pull my hair out..anything to relieve this restlessness and irritability!

I called my GP and funnily enough I'm already on 3 of the 4 recommended meds that they use to ease it.....ease it? Nope! I'm on maximum dose too. I've also tried sleeping pills, diazepam and even a swig of night nurse but to no avail. Went to bed at 11.30 last night but had no sleep till gone 5.30am as I was up and down like a yoyo.

Anyone else suffered this? How did you get rid of it? Being so darn irritable it makes SOB worse.

Sorry, just noticed I've written loads....I'll bore you no more!

Love and health to all

Mike x

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I go through spells of restless legs and found that by raising myself very slowly onto my toes, staying there for 10 seconds and then lowering slowly and repeating a numer of times that helped. Apparently taking antihistamines is a known trigger - are you taking any to relieve the itchiness?

Some meds create itchy skin, montelukast/singulair is one of them and if your skins dry that makes it worse. I find that washing with aqueous cream helps and, of course, drinking lots of water.

I hope it eases soon.


I also get spells of it, this may sound ridiculous but it works for me (maybe all in the mind} a bar of soap in the bed !!!, no I havn't been on the funny pills. Heard this tip on the Jeremy Vine programme when RLS was being discussed.




I had that as I was recovering from Pnuemonia it drove me mad. My sister suggested I get some long socks that came up over my knees, sounds silly but it worked.



I put a warm fleecy blanket under the duvet at the bottom of my bed, it stops my legs aching, it works for me and is very cosy, hope this helps x


All good suggestion so far,,, here's another,

I also suffer from fibromyalgia and this was on their forum, she saw her GP who is an osteopath and mentioned this to him,

He suggest lying on the edge of the bed or sofa dropping one leg over the side keeping it straight, ideally with someone to support the leg for about 90secs, it could possibly be a trapped nerve in the pelvic area,

It does help me sometimes, so worth a go.



Thanks so much everyone.....I'll try each one nightly to see if any work and I hope to heaven one does as its driving me totally insane. It seems to be my arms too now and right up until about one in the afternoon so I'm getting no respite at all.

Thanks again

Mike x


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