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Bronchitis again

Hello,all I,have not been active as I have been so well!! Last week I spent some time with my grandaughter aged 2. She had a cold and guess what I now have bronchitis. I feel lousy tired coughing up horrible mucous , blood and I have a very mild case of bronchiectasis.! I am taking my emergency antibiotics so hope to feel better soon. I was on regular low dose Azithromycin but my doctor decided to try me without but obviously I need it. Should I feel so unwell with bronchitis and such a mild case of bronchiectasis? Any advice would be great.

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Sorry you are feeling so unwell Bundle.

Glad you have started taking your emergency abs but wonder did you put in a sample before you started them? Two reasons this is useful 1. If the bugs are not sensitive to the emerg abs you and your doc will know from you results what your bugs are sensitive to. 2. It is useful for your consultant and gp to see what your pattern of infection is.

Do you have a respiratory consultant for your bronchiectasis Bundle? I wondered if it was your resp cons who put you on propylactic Azithromycin and which doctor decided to take you off them and the reason why?

If you haven't got a respiratory consultant Bundle you really should have a referal to one. You say you only have mild bronchiectasis. No matter if it is mild or severe, we all have to work to the same end that is to prevent further damage to our lungs. Most bronchiectatics, but not all cough up lots of mucus of varying colours every day and it is very important that we do physio every day to get rid of the gunk before it becomes infected. Your consultant should refer you to a physio to learn mucus clearing techniques.

Re the blood - if it is just streaky and you have been coughing a lot it could be a little vesel. However if it is unusual for you, you might want to visit your gp.

If you haven't got a consultant please get referred - it's very important for you your bronchiectasis stays mild.

Hope you feel better soon.

Love C XXX


Hi sorry I did not answer but felt really unwell. Today I think the antibiotics are kicking in. I do have a respiratory consultant at the hospital and she tried me off the antibiocs to see if I could manage. Am going back next month and will see my GP too so I can mention couging up blood. When I told the nurse I had bronchiectasis she looked at the computer and said "but it is very mild" extremely patronising.

This site is so helpful. As everyone knows what I am talking about!

Thank you


Hi Bundle, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. It varies from one person to the next, but I always feel lousy with the slightest infection so it's certainly normal for me. I'm getting better at recognising the early signs and starting antibiotics, etc but there's still room for improvement!

What a shame that a visit from your granddaughter resulted in illness - not a welcome souvenir of her visit. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi and thanks for that as I feel so unwell when I have an infection and am so glad that you feel the same too. This time I started the antiobotics really quickly and am sure it helped!


Cofdrop gives excellent advice. I hope you feel better soon. x


Hi Bundle I am taking a sample in today I feel ok coughing a bit more and sputum has changed colour so I thought better be safe than sorry. The Respiratory nurse said it must be stated on the form that you are taking continuous Azithromycin and if it turns out that I do have an infection I must stop the Azith whilst taking other antibiotics.

She also said if docs have not got the results within 3/4 days to phone her and she will get them for me. I usually have to wait a week.

Hope you will soon be on the mend.



So sorry to hear you are feeling ill. This time of year is a nightmare - the stress of meeting family with colds!!! The only thing that might help is the steroids - the only way my husband can recover from any chest problem now is with the steroids. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Take good care and wishing you a speedy recovery TAD xx


I only know that any cold Pete comes into contact with results in bronchitis and he is on Azithromycin every other day. He has to up his steroids to 6 per day and has different antibiotics too. It usually takes him 3 weeks to recover. Cofdrop is right, you should get a consultant and see your GP. Also taking a mucus sample in is a good idea. Good luck to you and feel better soon. This time of year is a nightmare. xxxx


sorry to hear you are unwell, i to have Bronchietasis my doctor has given me an emergency supply of antibiotics, if i get bronchchitis im to go strait onto the antibioticss.

Iam at the moment have a steriod inhaler two puffs in the morning and two at night.

as i am insulin controlled diabetes my lung doctor is very concerned if the inhaler does not work. Steriod tablets apparently will play havoc with my diabetes, so time will tell. get better soon jan


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