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SPACE for copd

Ten out of ten to University of Leicester Hospitals for producing its excellent 'SPACE' programme (Self Management Programme of Activity Coping and Education). I for one will be mentioning it to my Specialist resp. nurse, GP's etc to see if we COPD patients can have access to it here in Cornwall. I have linked to an introductory video for copd patients explaining about the programme, what it includes and how to use it. P.

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Thanks for telling us about Leicesters 'SPACE' programme and providing a link. However I am quite baffled as I attended their special respiratory clinic in September,I have a diagnosis of COPD but this programme was not even mentioned to me at this clinic. So sadly I would not give the consultant 10 out of 10 or the other staff as I was only given ways to breath to try and control my cough. Of course time is a swaying factor so maybe they should be sending these details by post to existing diagnosed patients. Its a bit like PR I asked for referral when first diagnosised I'm still waiting for referral, I was diagnosed in 2008. So please don't get too optimistic it all still comes down to luck of the draw as to what treatment each patient gets and whats available in your area. I believe there are three special clinics in the country, maybe the others will introduce a similar programme as Leicester.


Glad to see other patients of Glenfield found the service was lacking and only found the details on a forum about 'SPACE'. On the lighter side maybe its title 'SPACE' got confused in our cases with the space center at Beaumont Lees a short way up the road from Glenfield .(smiles)


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