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Hi all am back since been on I have now relocated to a lovely ground floor flat found a new partner who,s previous partner died of lung cancer last year, life is improving but I need a little advice I moved here just over a week ago and changed address with the local surgery, however the day after I ran out of steroids so asked for a repeat only to be told to go back to my old doc who said no so since then I have been without steroids and I will have no alendronic acid this friday consequently I am now at the back end of seasonal flu and know I need my lungs checked, and a prescription for antibiotics but how if both surgeries dont acknowledge me do I go to the chest clinic !!!!!

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  • This is very bad I would contact the Practice manager at your new surgery if they have accepted you as a patient then they must see you. You have a repeat prescription to show what medicines you are taking. Failing that do you have a Respiratory nurse or a walk in Doctors surgery that you can go to.

    Hope you get it sorted.


  • Do you have a consultant? If so phone his/her secretary and tell them the position you are in.Anyone with half a brain knows you can't just be cut off long term steroids at the drop of a hat! Good luck!

  • go to a walk in surgery, or as with our local hospital has an an out of hours clinic, when I have had problems with my surgery , I have used both these services. and found them very good.

    Hope you get fixed up and very soon, I would write a letter to find out where you stand .

  • Good advice reggie from your friends: You need treatment quickly: consultant: walk in centre: If you just asked at reception - wast of time. Make an appointment with your new doc: chest clinic. Crazy system.

    Good news your life has taken a lovely turn - really pleased for you.

    Hope you get sorted soon.

    Love C xxx

  • Sounds like life is on the up reggie.

    Take the advice above and get it sorted today!!

    Best wishes. B.

  • Hope you get your medication sorted out soon Reggie and I'm realy pleased things are looking up!! hope you find great happiness in your new home :)

  • still no steroids but hopefully tomoz to add insult to injury the esa has not went into the bank so running around again tomoz

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