hey everone your positivity keeps me going

i,m into herbs always have been, so as soon as i was diagnosed , out came my herbal , liquorice were recomended, in tablet form , i took them for 3 weeks , and no vast improvement but stopped taking them and got worse ,back on them now , give them a whirl nothing to lose ?? hollan and barrett stock them love jude aka banner

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  • Liquorice (not the sweetie stuff the Australian iquorice) is supposed to be good if you are tapering off steroids, although it just happens to give me migraine. X

  • Liquorice is great but unfortunately not if you have blood pressure problems. Always the bloody same someone gets an idea and something always puts the mockers on it. I would love to find some herbal help but there is not much out there.

  • I love Bassets Liquorice Allsorts do they coundt!

  • Awe bless - apparently not :-( XXX

  • DGL licorice is a form of licorice which is treated so that the problematic element for blood pressure has been rendered harmless. There's lots on the net about it but still probably sensible to be cautious, and check with your doc if you want to take it. I think it might have some drug interactions too.

  • thanks love

  • bassets oh giggles here , bad morning for me so this helped , keep on chewing ,grin love jude

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