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help at airports is wonderful :))

Hi all. Just back from a week in the sun. As well as worried about SOB, I now have a hernia that has been causing me problems .... so I got assistance at the outward and inward airports .... wheelchair & lift to the plane door . Wow ! And fast track lane too so no standing about and first on the plane so no squeeze amongst people. If you can manage everything except the steps to the plane you can just have the lift. What an amazing service. And I was very pleasantly surprised at the lovely attitude of the general public - not patronising or pitying, just friendly and courteous...maybe the Paralympic effect is helping grow respect and visibility for people with disabilities. All in all, a good experience rather than an upsetting one. Best if you prebook to make sure wheelchair is available, and even someone to push it.

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Was that Manchester Julie? and which carrier?



Manchester and Thomsons :) xx

Really good to hear, hope you enjoyed your break :-)


following on from juliekkay post just thought I would post a link which lists all major airports and also gives details about what special assistance services they can offer, along with contact numbers to ring.

warmest reagards


handy, thanks

Thanks Carol, for this useful post!

I have used them often Julie and cannot praise them enough. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. x

Can't comment on the assistance when flying as I haven't done that recently but I do have to praise Virgin Trains I recently travelled to Scotland for a couple of days and had to change twice and each time the help was brilliant. The shame is it didn't continue with First Travel but can't have everything.

Really pleased you had a good experience Julie and a good holiday


Thanks Julie very glad you had a good break and flying experience. Thanks also to Carole am flying out from Glasgow on Sunday and slightly dreading the thought in case I show my son up with a sudden s.o.b. session. How were you during holiday and since you came home Julie - my last holiday abroad was pretty horrendous but that was long haul and this is a four hour flight only - I really want this one to work as cannot stand the thought of giving up holidays along with everything else (smiley face) xx

Hi Lavender. I worried about showing my daughter up ... by just being in a wheelchair and guess that was better than sudden SOB laden with luggage ! :)

Through most of the hol I was fine, used a stick to help with breath and hernia and knew when it became more humid. In Kos town and nearby I was much better, even climbing a hill to my amazement. and not SOB at the top. Ups and downs as at home I guess, but downs more up than here if you know what I mean !

Back in Wales and worse again, but better than before I went methinks. If you prepare and get the help you may need throughout your holiday, including from your son, that will all make it easier and more enjoyable too. Just go slowly... advantage is you actually see more then too :) I wish you the fabbest easiest holiday. xx

Thanks for reply Julie hope you feel the benefits soon. I think we're always a bit jaded after the very exertion of a holiday but well worth the effort usually. Looking forward to the event and then the experience helps a lot. Hope you perk up soon and just think you climbed a hill without getting s.o.b. and had the sun around you in October! Here goes anyway, will post on return (going up on one of the ones that had the belching smoke before take off a couple of weeks ago - haha get what you pay for eh- am sure all will be well - maybe). Keep smiling xx

Sp pleased you had a good experience. I was nearly crushed to death (slight exaggeration!!!) at Gatwick last week when the Easyjet gate opened. I' ve never seen one. but I imagine a cattle stampede in the Wild West would have been the same! Never again x

ah yes. no need with this assistance as you go through the Fast Lane and are treated as a VIP ! :) x

Hi Juliekay, so glad you had a positive experience. I have used wheelchair assistance myself for the past 4 yrs now and I always find it enjoyable and without it I could no longer travel. However, last holiday I flew with Monarch and couldnt understand why they asked for a fit to fly letter as I had never been asked for one before. Needless to say I paid the doc (who was also bewildered) for the letter, just in case they would not take me on the flight. (I was not asked for it incidentally). However, since arriving back home I read an article in one of my magazines that said that (particularly on longhaul) airlines were being very careful about giving wheelchair assistance, as it has been proven that some folks are using this method to bypass the horrendous long waits for passport control/baggage checks etc. I guess there will always be 1 or 2 who will abuse any system. I hope all airports offer this assistance without penalty so that we can all enjoy hols with our family without making ourselves ill during the travelling. I strongly advise everyone to book wheelchair assistance at the time of booking the holiday, that way you can find out whether or not there will be any problems. I hope you do not find any. good luck everyone - happy holidays. Maximonkey

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