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is this copd

Iam a very large man gave up smoking about 6 years ago have been getting out of breath lately went very light headed couldent breath ended up in hospitail in canada said they coudent find anything i have been for tests last one was a breathing test in a cuble the women told me i have a restriction on sat night i aghain got light headed my blood presure was ok but mr pulse went to 106 i was told try to calm down as they thought i was having a panic attack which i have never had i get a sort off pins and needles in my head when i get short of breath i am so scared will be going back to doctor monday 6pm i just want to know if anyone has any ideas

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Hi boston3b, nobody can diagnose COPD from hearing your symptoms. The doc will need to take a history, have xrays done, spirometry tests, etc. It's good that you gave up smoking. I wish you luck. Auntymary xx

well had all these test going tomorrow maybe find out more just had attack last night very worried

the more worried you are the worse it will get. calm your self down if it is copd then you will be helped with meds to deal with it.

The problem with the breathless ness is slow down learn your limitations

As the doctor said to me so what if your slower at doing things the main fact is I am still doing things

When the light headed feeling comes stop what your doing deep breath and they will manage themselves.

Hope you get on ok at the docs tomorrow and let us all know and keep coming in here for support

Just to say pins and needles is classic of hyperventilating and panic. I wish you well and hope you don't have copd.

Glad to hear this as every time I am about to or have already become short of breath I get pins and needles together with an itch at the bottom of my spine Thanks and hope all goes well boston3b

Hi I agree with the above - only a doctor can diagnose you with COPD but I hope you haven't got it. I suffer with COPD and asthma and sometimes have an asthma attack. I have learnt to stay calm and just concentrate on my breathing. This has always worked. Easy to say but hard to do but if you can try it.

Good luck with your tests.

Bev x

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