Does anyone know how many people are suffering from COPD and more to the point why is the goverment not doing anything to help thos affected with this illness, I have stated that i dont think i have this illness because i dont have any symptoms. I was told i was at stage 5 the one before you get a oxegen bottle . and when i went to hospital and blew into that machine i hit 49 or it might have been 41 apart from thos reading i am fine .

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Ronneo67 I have had diagnosed COPD for over 20+ years and undiagnosed for many years before that. I have managed to live a full life up until about 6 years ago when it suddenly affected me a lot more, now I seem to be on an even keel and just do what I can when I can, not everyone has to go onto oxygen.

I do not know or want to know what stage I am at or what my levels of this and that are, I just check my oximetre when I am puffier than usual to make sure I am o.k.

Worrying about it won't help just lead a healthy lifestyle if you can and look after yourself.

If you are worried give the BLF helpline a ring they will help with and explanation of your levels.


Just had a quick count up and there's at least a dozen with COPD on here ;-) I don't think there is any official figure, just guesstimates by government departments that are probably keeping those amounts low anyway.

There isn't a stage 5, only 4 stages and the mildest is stage 1, so you're being mis-informed I guess. I referred someone to this page earlier:- copd.about.com/od/copdbasic...

As I said in your other blog, have a chat with the BLF helpline and they should be able to deal with you on a one-to-one basis to help you and point you in the right direction.

Hi ronnoe67, symptoms seem to vary vastly in COPD cases, I have had my symptoms for many years without diagnosis or treatment which I beleive is very common with this illness.In 2008 I had a change of symptoms,during the BLFs campaign to raise awareness of COPD, and was eventually diagnosed as COPD/asthma. Have to say my main symptom is a constant ongoing cough with some breathlessness. I like those above would advise you to seek BLF help and advice , as in the case of COPD symptoms may not be too obvious in the mild stages. Good luck

I have the report in a drawer and your right it's stage 4 .

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