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When is my luck going to change

I have had COPD for many years, as I have said I am now on oxygen 16 hours a day and nebuliser 4 times a day. One month ago I had my cataract done in my left eye, it was great for the first week then I had double vision back again. Went back to see the consultant only to be told that the lens had moved due to me constant coughing

I am now due to go back into hospital on the 8th November because they want to do my right eye and once that settles do my left eye putting a metal structure in it. All done by local because my lungs will not tale a general. ( PS I am banned from driving till my left eye is OK)

Thank goodness for brilliant neighbours as I live in a small village in Wales and apart from my good lady whom I have been married to for 40 years all the kids have flown their nest. One in London and the other in Penzance.

To land it all I have to go into hospital on the 6 th November for another op too painful to mention that again is going to be done under a local.

Just at the wrong time I have picked up another chest infection more steroids and antibiotics, I have had the flu injection. I must clear up before my ops. . As I say when is my luck going to change.

I always said to people on this site always look on the bright side and have a good sense of humour. Now I know when that sense of humour is slipping away and this is not even into winter yet. Thank you for taking time to read my moan. Now I feel a bit better.

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Sorry to hear of your misfortune, I had cataracts removed a couple of years ago and the change was amazing; I wish you all the best for that. I've just had my flu jab and my shoulder is aching like mad. I always say that if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all, lol. Take care, Richard.


you Richard

best of luck. ithought i was bad but you have picked me up a lot tyvvvvm

Bradger48, At least I put a smile on someones face , glad you picked up.

What a miserable time! You have every right to moan! Wishing you all the best and a change of luck for the better. TAD xx

Thank you TADAW. I always said to people I now have 3D TV and they say that's nice and my reply to that I got double vison but see everything in 3s . Ha ha. Thank you for taking time to read my moans

It seems you have a lot on at the moment no wonder you are feel a bit low. Hope your infection clears up soon and your next op goes well for you.

Take care of yourself.

polly xx

Thank you Polly, not looking forward to the first op, the second one I will tell you how it went.

Yes, I know the feeling, but I hope things improve for you. You are fortunate to have a partner to share your problems with. I am in Cardiff take care xx

Thank you Lizzie1, If it was not for my dear wife I would not be here today she a star. Infact it is her birthday today and I will need to get her a card and pressie some how.

You have every right to have a good moan. Does'nt cure you but does make you feel a bit better. xxx

Thank you Kimmy59, Oh how true I did feel better getting it of my chest and have a good old moan. Just a pity the infections did not go away as fast as that. Thank you again .xxx

Berwick I hope your infection clears up quickly and your op goes well. All seems to come at once. Good luck.


Thank you cofdrop, quite correct just like buses wait for one and 3 comes along. I feel the most frustrating thing is that I have not been able to drive since they operated on the first cataract and when the second one is OK they are going back to repair the first eye. It looks like I will not be driving until about Christmas.

This is not moaning - it is sharing! Good luck. x

Thank you auntymary xxx

Berwick I hope all goes well, you've got plenty of support on this site. Nothing wrong with a good moan, and you seem to have your fair share to moan about. All the best to you.

Libby x

Thank you Libby, I have only been on this site for a short while and I am amazed of the support that I have

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