Has anyone experenced back pain in the night

on 2 occasions I have woken up with a 'soft' pain, like a mild cramp, radiating accross my back, all over my back, sat up and after a while it's worn off. Doctor took blood pressure, normal, and chest is clear, said to come back if it happens on a more regular basis. Has anyone got any idea's? Also site of flu jab is raised and itching, has anyone experienced that as well? opp's 2 questions, sorry xxx peace to all

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  • Sorry Medow, I have not experienced either of these. And I don't mind the twofer. ;)

  • Hi Medow , are you getting any other pain anywhere else , the reason i ask is i have pluracy and pneumonia and I have pain in my lower back feels like its my kidneys that hurt , also can travel up my back and to my shoulders, also i get chest pains and pains in the middle of my lung area . started this pain three and a half months ago , only got this pain when i slept happened the odd night here and there , then it happened on three nights running , again like you would only ease after about half an hour if i got up out of bed. went to doctors, had ct scan and tests etc diagnosed pluracy and pneumonia .. Hope this may help mike ...

  • I get this. In fact I was so worried I went to the GP and was sent for an X ray. All was fine. I have since learned that it can be a normal symptom of COPD. The BLF DVD talks about it.

    I have now been given three exercises by my chiropractor which makes it go away very quickly and the exercises help prevent it though moving the ribcage and the muscles around it.

    Lynne x

  • Not had any experience about the back pain - not something my husband has suffered with (about the only thing!!!) but it sounds a bit cramp (ish) and that is something he does suffer with especially if he is using ventolin inhalers. BUT the flu jab - my arm was very swollen and very itchy for about four/five days and it was very hot! But ten days later all the swelling etc. has gone. Take care. TAD xx

  • I get severe back pain, upper right - it is a sharp pain. I first thought it was trapped wind because that's what it felt like. Was sent for a scan nothing found except a fractured rib !!!

    told it was an aggrevated nerve but sure that was because they'd no idea what else to tell me. I live with it, get it in spells, can last 4 hours sometimes or 10 minutes take pain killers. I am sure it is something to do with my COPD

    Libby x

  • yes i have arthritis, and backpain is very common with me, it could be something to do with the COPD, has the doctor given you anything to take, you dont say how you are, maybe another doctor in the pratrice may know

  • thank you all so much for your reply's and it is indeed a reasurance that others have had similar pain, but I will return to the dr should it continue, I take your point mf, will keep an open mind also, it might be something else, I'm also wondering if it's something to do with the ventolin inhalers tawd, sometimes when I take it I get a 'rush', and the odd pain around my temples. The exercises sound good lynne, do you mind me asking what they are, and is the chiropractor helpful for copd. The dr didn't give me anything, just took my blood pressure which was fine, asked a few questions, said my chest was clear, is worrying though to get symtoms like this, esp when I've not been used to anything like this. So thanks again for replying, sorry I've not been able to reply sooner, stayed over at my daugthers and didn't want to hog the computor xxxx peace all

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