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As you know, dad has been very ill since going into hopsital Monday morning, he hasn't been eating, drinking or sleeping etc and has been in a bad way. When I saw dad yesterday, he was so clammy and flushed and not comfortable at all. I gave him bed bath and helped freshen him up and change his pjs, he looked heaps better and felt better too, if only a little.

He asked me to arrange with his bank to carry out transactions for him and said for me to have his car as he probably wouldn't drive again. I had to hold back my tears, but told him lets just wait and see.

Woke up this morning, full of a cold, mam too funnily enough so we couldnt go and see him today. So gutted. So mam arranged for his brother to go this afternoon and my brother this evening. I rang him earlier and I got my dad back-again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He sounds terrific. He was sooooo happy I started crying. He said he slept well last night and had a good breakfast. He had eaten well all day and was just chattering away like no tomorrow. He was excited too and the difference is amazing. He is gutted that he will miss his appointmnet with the specialist tomorrow but he has been told by the specialist in hospital that they will still set the wheels in motion for a possible lung transplant. Dad is a fighter and is determined not to be beaten. He is simply the best and I love him. My mum is so chuffed too, we were laughing earlier, we were so happy. We are so happy.

One step at a time, we got to get dad home first. Hopefully next week.

So thankyou everyone who has shown an interest in me and my family, it means alot and I think back to May when we had the devastating news about dad and I treasure the day I found this site.

Love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • This is fantastic news. So happy for you all.


  • great news he 's a real trooper, all the best to you all, its a lov ely boost. xxxxx

  • So very pleased to hear your news , Hope yours and your Mums colds soon clear up . x

  • How fantastic for you. It must be awful for you and your family to be going through this rollercoaster. Fingers crossed and much love to you all xxx

  • So pleased for you,, take each day and enjoy it as it comes.

    Best wishes B.

  • have tears of joy for you, dad, and the rest of your family xxx

  • Excellent news Tanya for you &all concerned.Delighted for you all :) x

  • So happy he.s getting. Better .tell him ee. All thinking of him.xkath

  • So happy he.s getting. Better .tell him ee. All thinking of him.xkath

  • So happy he.s getting. Better .tell him ee. All thinking of him.xkath

  • Thats great news, my thoughts and prayers will stay with you my best wishes for the future.

  • Great news may it long last and better health in the future

  • That's brilliant. Make every minute count now xxx

  • I will hun, how are you? Been thinking of you xx

  • So so pleased to hear how happy you sound! So glad to hear you got your Dad back! Long may it continue. TAD xx

  • I am so pleased for you all what wonderful news!! Take care all of you. xx

  • Fantastic news so happy for you. xxx

  • Great news Tanyamarie and lets hope your dad will be home again with his amazing family very soon. You are wise to stay away from him with your cold. Take care and love to all of you. xxx

  • Nice to hear some good news - really pleased for all of you Tanyamarie.

    Love C XX

  • Good to hear some positive news, fingers crossed for your dad.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Reading your post made me smile for the first time today! Thankyou! Bless your Dad what a real battler he is. Best of luck to you all! xx

  • your dad is superman haa, thank God great news so happy for him and indeed you and your mam xxx

  • Glad to hear to things are on the up for you hun, make sure you and ur mum rest and get over your colds im sure the positive news will help you both, fingers crossed xx

  • Good news about your dad, now you and your mum need to get rid of those colds

    Libby x

  • So happy to read that dear old dad was feeling better as a person who has spent weeks in hospital i can speak with some authority when you get on the right medication and you start to feel better its wonderful to be able to breathe easily again, treasure your time with your dad sadly mine has gone, people say mum is the centre of the family and i suppose thats true but for a girl i think its dad, but whoever treasure you time, i often think i wish that i could have them back just for 10 minutes just to tell them i love them both.

  • Hi Tanyamarie,

    Excellent news about your Dad, I'm really pleased for you.

    Fingers crossed everything will work out well for you all, you deserve some good news.

    Take care

    Dave xxx

  • Wonderful news Tanyamarie!! I am so pleased for you all, hope you and your Mum feel better soon,plenty of liquids!! xxx

  • Thats fantastic news, hope he continues to recover. You take care too, he's going to need you when he comes home!! Your'e all in my yhoughts and prayers Marytaz xxx

  • such a brilliant uplifting blog

  • That is all such good news, it will help you to feel better, quicker, take great care,

  • You and your mum have had so many ups and downs lately but what a joy it is to hear from you when your beloved dad is on the mend tanyamarie, God bless


  • that is such good news :) x

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