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I have been looking at this website for a few weeks now and have found it to be very informative, helpful and friendly,so I would very much like to join you friendly bunch. I have been asthmatic for about 35 years, my breathing was getting worse, doctor finally sent me for tests, then I ended up in hospital with pneumonia last year, very ill, finally had a ct scan and have been diagnosed with bronchi ecstasies, constant chest infections that come on without warning. When I am well I am ok, but when I am ill, I am really bad. It is almost a relief to find people suffering the same, who understand how you feel, I look forward to being a part of your group.

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  • Hello and welcome Shirleyj. Im sure you will find lots of friendly people here :) x

  • Hi Shirleyj and welcome :)

  • Hi Shirley

    Sorry you have bronchiectasis and asthma, but glad you are a member of the site. I have both conditions too. You're not a lonesome bronchi anymore. Ask anything you want, there wil always be someone who can help you.

    Love C xxx

  • Hello and welcome. x

  • Hi Shirleyj. Snap! I'm new to the forum, have Bronchiectasis, asthma and lots of chest infections as well so you are definitely not alone!!!!

  • Welcome shirley.


  • Thank you for the warm welcomes

  • welcome to you shirley, this is indeed a vry supportive site xxx

  • welcome shirley, the support from this group is phenomenal. They have seen me through the first 18 days as a non smoker simply brilliant.xx

  • Welcome Shirley :-)

  • May i add the warmest of greetings to you Shirley:) x

  • Hi Shirley , welcome to the site , im a newby as well only a couple of weeks on here .

    Pneumonia sufferer as well so i know the pain your in . x Mike.

  • Welcome Shirley, you will be well looked after here and you will find many people with the same condition and they will put you at your ease.

  • Hi Shirley, Yes I too have both conditions like you an 44 years old and still fighting it. The forum seems very accepting even when you feel really bad and all you want to so is find a sounding place for your feelings... because unlike family and friends we all have that common thing....RUBISH UNGS HaHA. Glad to see your with us all good luck Emma

  • Sorry meant LUNGS. By the way my 9 year old son calls the Bronci my lung dinosaur

  • Hi Shirley, a very warm welcome to this wonderful site. I too have Bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis and invasive aspergillus. No asthma thank heavens although both my kids have. Isn't it great to have sites like this where people understand exactly what you are going through. I am a regular at the Bronchiectasis R Us site, it is full of really useful info and another great bunch of caring knowledgable people.

  • You have all been most welcoming, thank you so much :)

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