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Dla award

Hi guys,

I applied for dla last April and its taken until today to go to appeal and I as awarded low care for that period but I have a new claim going through in that time that I am waiting to hear about. Any way just wondering if low care alone will boost any other benefits I am on income support and just wondering if that will go up any more?

Thanks in advance

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Sorry, I don't know enough about benefits to answer. Someone may come along that does, or you could ring the BLF helpline and speak to their benefits advisor. The number is 03000 030 555 and they are open Mon-Fri from 10am until 6pm.

Auntymary x

Don't know about income support sweet, but I know low rate care doesn't make any difference to housing benefit - there is a disability premium for middle rate care though.

love C xxx

It's a minefield, best to speak to a benefits advisor on the BLF hotline as suggested.

If they can't help they'll probably know who to refer you to.

Hi, I telephone my local electric company and they told me that if I was on income support I could get assistance with my bill. Hope this helps.

Hi I am on lower rate care dla and also on Jobseekers Allowance (income based). Because I am on JSA I get around a third more dla. This is called an enhanced premium. You can check this out on

I did qualify for a discount on my fuel bills - im with British Gas but I think most of them do it. I won't qualify for the Warm front discount scheme which is replacing that. But you might on income support.

It also depends on other factors such as are you getting working tax credit or child tax credit?

But all this should be on the website.

Bev x

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