Still in hospital , still having tests !!!!

Hi all Thanks for your kind wishes , still in hospital and they still can't bottom this . They have stopped the steroids , so I get a build up of fluid to be able to get a sample . They seem to think I have two infections running together, that's why I've been like this for three and a half months , they are giving me Diclofenac , and an oral gel as I now have thrush in my mouth from the inhalers . The heart scan came back fine , the auto-immune disease is non existent , sending me for skin tests and vat tests . On a 6 bed ward so able to chat with people who have C.O.P.D . And other breathing problems .. Will keep you all posted !!

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  • sounds as if plenty of tests are being done, hope they sort you out soon.

    Take care, all the best,


  • Hope they sort things out for you soon.

  • Hello mike.

    Sending you best wishes.I hope they fix you up & send you home soonest.Good luck.

  • Hope you get better soon, at least you are having lots of tests done! Good Luck. TAD x

  • Sound like your in the right place to get it sorted.

    Hope thats soon. :-)

    polly xx

  • Get well soon, at least you can compare notes with your fellow 'inmates'.

    Lynne x

  • Get well soon, at least you can compare notes with your fellow 'inmates'.

    Lynne x

  • Have you had a CT scan of your lungs Mike, and if so did that show any lung damage?

    You should have a spacer to use with your inhalers, and also rinse your mouth & throat well every time you use them, that'll help prevent you getting oral thrush again.

    Hope you're being well looked after and they soon get you sorted. Thinking of you.

    love, FF x

  • Hi Mike thanks for keeping posting. It does help to hear from those of us in hospital and kind of helps to keep the dread away of if and when our turn may come to be hospitalised. Glad you've got some people to talk and listen to. x

  • Hope they get you sorted on correct treatment and that you are feeling better soon Mike.

    Love C xxx

  • Best wishes to you. Hopefully they will find out the root of your problems. It must also be very frustrating.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Marie x

  • thank you for thinking of us mf, wishing you well, and hope the great nhs are being good to you xxx

  • Hope you are okay,keep positive,sending hugs x

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