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The ladies will understand.

I have lost over 2 stones over the last couple of years I was 11stone 3lb and am now

9 stone :-) and I really really really neeeeed some new clothes. The ones I used to squash into are now hanging off me.

So, I went out this morning to buy myself some new jeans, new grey trousers and a couple or three tops for the winter. What did I buy, not a flippin thing. :-(

The jeans and trousers did not inspire me and the ones I did try on were too long and the jumpers all had sleeves that covered my hands.

Think I must have shrunk in height as well as weight, and guess what I tried my normal size shoes on and they were too big. Can you really loose weight off your feet?

To cap it all I am shattered so I am going to have a glass of wine and hubby is cooking the tea, faggots, chips and mushy peas. :-)

polly xx

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Polly, you probably don't want to hear this but I wish I was 9 stone!

I never carried weight until an injury a few years ago which laid me up for 6 months. I managed to lose most, but not all of that. Then I gave up smoking in January......

That is great, but I have put on weight. I am now losing it by calorie counting using a really good internet site. I tried Weight Watchers, but could't get on with it.

So I am currently 12 stone 6 pounds and should be (according to the charts) about 9st. 7lb. So technically 3 stone to lose (I put 2 stone on when I gave up smoking). I would be very happy to lose the 2 stone to get to 10 st. 7lb. I might look too scraggy at my age if I went much lower. We will see, it's a long way off still!

What is weird is that people are a bit surprised when I say what I weigh as I am fairly toned through exercise.

Lynne xx

if anybody asks me what I weigh I say at least 8 stone, to be honest i havent weighed myself for years, though 8 stone might just be a tad understated, ( a tad, who am I kidding )size wise i take everything from a 14 to a 20 depending on what.

Go online polly, Next's petite range is good and they go down to a size 6 (I only know that cos daughter is a 6 - I am a size 12)

I have that problem all the time, which is one of the reasons I hate shopping. I know exactly what I want to buy but can I find it? No of course not.

What really, really annoys me is that the shops only cater to young women or old ladies. I am 60, but I want to look smart and attractive (preferably "chic" - love that word). I am not ready for M&S Classic range yet! It's impossible to buy nice clothes for women my age in Brighton, as it has 2 universities and if you're over 30 you feel invisible! However I have recently found a good range of jeans in M&S, called "body shape". There are 3 different shapes & you choose according to your waist-to-hip ratio. As I have a relatively small waist I found the "Eva" ones fitted perfectly so am going to buy another pair.

I usually shop online & get things delivered to my local M&S or Next, then try on & take back if necessary. Hate trying things on in shops!

FF x

I think the only reason I lost the weight was I was given a different antibiotic (azithromycin) 3 times a week and since then (touch wood) I have not had any steroids.

Steroids made me put on weight and when I stopped I never went back to the original weight therefore over the years the weight went up and when I stopped the weight went down.

polly xx

I am 66 but still want to look nice


Course you do! I've always sworn by the confidence-building power of a pencil skirt and a pair of heels but sadly arthritis in toes has put paid to heels unless it's a special occasion, when I am prepared to suffer the pain in order to look a bit glam

I'm like you, my weight soared by over 2 stone when I was on steroids but have dropped all but 7lb since I managed to get off them.

Btw yes you can lose weight on your feet, they get fatter like other bits of you, then when you lose the fat, they get narrower (which means you can get into a half size smaller) x

Grrrrrrrrrrr wish I was 9st a little vertically challenged and close to 14st I too have problems in leg length and sleeve length - though I do most of my shopping at Bon Marche they have a choice of leg lengths and a very good selection of clothing to suit most ages particularly the mature ladies and they are very reasonably priced in comparison to other stores.



I'm jealous Polly, since stopping smoking I've put a lot of weight on, not helped by slowing down and not being as active as I used to be either. I'll never be a size 12 again... :'(

hehe never mind young man, better that there's a bit more of you than that you're still puffing on the killer sticks ;)

I've never smoked so haven't had that to deal with - I take my hat off to anyone who's managed to quit. I am addicted to tea (really! I drink it all day) and I can't imagine cutting that out. Cigs are a real physical dependency so much much worse

love, FF x

Tea Additction...? Oh yes...!

Hilarious Gordon, love it! Think it's high time we had Tea Patches and Quit Tea clinics hehe x

Oh well done for losing the weight Polly - wish I could!

I agree 100 pc that most clothes shops are fashion based for teenagers. I do most of my clothes shopping at Bon Marche, Sainsburys, Asda and Matalan. Peacocks can be good too. I am 58 though weigh more than 9 stone! :)

I went down to size 8 bought loads of new trousers, then started to get better went up to 10 put the 8s away and bought loads of 10s, got really well and went up to 12, but the 10s away and bought loads of 12s. Went on ADs which surpress the appetite so I'm now back on 10s and have put the 12s away ! - I've got more trousers than Mr Heinz has got varieties

I so wish I could loose a stone! Well done, well done, well done!!! I think you can loose weight from your feet - really, my shoes are suddenly a bit big, especially the left foot! I can only imagine my feet are shrinking although the rest of my body has yet to follow suit! As for shops - nightmare! I have had some success with Wallis online and Asda do have some nice things in and I have even bought the odd top from Primark. Good luck with your shopping! TAD xx

I buy all my clothes online from M & S mostly, usually their sizes are OK a size 10 medium is what it says, have them delivered to a M & S Simply Food just 6 miles away where we shop anyway, so no delivery charge. I can't be doing with shops and crowds anymore especially with my oxygen bottle. Occasionally something has to be returned which is free


Agree Libby I went down to 7stone (normally 9.1/2 st) and thought it was only stopping smoking which gave me my now over 8st now thinking could be the steroids also. Like amagram havent weighed myself for years but was forced onto scales in doctors surgery for both the 7st and 8st weights am glad I am not skeletal anymore but worried about going on holiday soon as (look away Gordon) I cannot wear a bra of any kind anymore as feel as though I am being strangled in all of them and I have bought plenty. Maybe all in the mind but I feel I can do without any more restrictions to my breathing so glad of winter coming to cover up with umpteen tops. At 66yrs old comfort wins fashion loses. Glad someone posted this pollyjj x

I don't like wearing a bra for the same reasons, just bought a vest bra top from M & S, white vest top with bra support, no constriction although I havn't tried them on yet.


I would like to be 9stone but would look a bit scraggy. I am trying to lose weight all on my own and doing quite well. Lost over a stone so far but a long way to go. Size 18/20 now but used to buy 22. I am nearly 60 and want to look good too. Look at clothes in a petite range. M&S do some nice things. Good luck to you and well done on your weight loss. xxxxx

Hi Polly, I know exactly how you feel. I have lost 4 stones and I cannot get past the idea that I have strunk. I am just about getting used to the idea that yes my feet have gone down two sizes. I also think was retaining fluid and of course now I am not. Having said all this I do feel better and I definitely feel more feminine. My wardrobe is much tidier too as I have now given all the larger size clothes to charity. Good luck with the shopping, have you tried ordering on line, that way you can try them on in the privacy of your own bedroom. I hate these new changing rooms where everyone can see you getting undressed so I always order on the internet even from shops I love to shop in as the internet invariably have more choice. Maximonkey.

well poor me didnt lose an ounce, in fact after giving up cigs put it on,now all my lovely tops ect to tight, lucky you lost it, who wins? haaaa xxx

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