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Dog safely installed

On Saturday bought a new three seater sofa, had no intention of buying a sofa, but was out with Mother in Law looking for a bed settee for her home. Saw this lovely sofa and decided to try is out, husband looked at me and said not a hope in hell. Yeh he should have known better! Got asked to test drive the bed settee, I am not exactly small if it can stand my weight, the grandchildren can sleep on it. Anyway after trialling out the bed settee decided to head back to "my sofa," a woman was lovingly stroking it, oooooooooooooo the knives were out in my mind, that is mine you are not having it you B*******************.. Anyway woman walked off and I reinstalled my butt back on it. Sales person was laughing at me and asked if I was in the new instore model, said no I was having the sofa and wasn't leaving until I got my way. Twenty minutes later it is paid for delivery arranged for today (Tuesday). Lottie tried it out in store (well it was ours now, and you be amazed what you can get away with, with a cute daxie dog).

Traumatised Lottie last night and smashed up her old sofa, so she slept in arm chair, and I sat on the floor to watch TV. This morning new sofa has been delivered, and no doors had to be removed this time and letter box remains intact, it got broken the last time a sofa was delivered. Delivery chaps were introduced to Lottie, who just looked at them, they said no chance, she proved them wrong, straight up and now snoring away on the sofa. Never say no to a daxie, dead stubborn and they will do what ever suits them. Trouble is I want to sit here all day too, but a woman's work is never done and a pile of ironing needs tackling :(

Hugs Daxiemad

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who is the settee for - you or daxie dog !



When we had our new sofa delivered (we hadn't measured it propely) the living room window had to be taken out to get it in! Luckiy the man who did was around the corner at the time and the window was out and back in in minutes.

However, Felix the cat dosen't like leather so very rarely goes on it!

Glad you are all happy with it!



My husband used to be an upholsterer, so we are used to measuring stuff to make sure it will get in and out. But you be amazed the amount of people who used to say well we got it in here, but forget that since they have had new windows installed or a porch built! The sofa is for the Daxie, we just live here, we say jokingly it belongs to the dog.


Hope Daxie loves his new reclining perch. x


Any wonder the work is never done with a competition for the most sofa surfing :D


Bet Daxie wont want budge off it now.

My cat always sits in my place keeping it warm for

me till get in from work.Then I say off my patch !!!


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