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Pine Trees

Just read Mrs Shimmy's post on Pine Trees (not going to mention the C word), we always have a real tree, now I'm worried reading how many of you a real tree effects your breathing, surely something natural as a pine tree cannot hurt you. I'm very anti artificial tree but now I'm thinking the time has come.

We use to grow pine trees for the C word commercially, have a little wood of left over pines, I walk through them with no ill effect but then I suppose I'm in the fresh air.

Don't know what to do.

Libby x

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Hi Libby, as I said in the other thread, we still buy a real tree but one that has been treated so the smell is not there (unfortunately, as I love it) and the needles do not drop. Artificial trees can also cause major problems - see the link Zoee posted on the other thread. I hate the artificial trees and once I cannot have real will probably do without. x


Libby, as someone with very severe COPD I can honestly say I have never had any ill effect from a pine tree whatsoever. I no longer use one myself, but that is down to the effort required to position it in the lounge, clean up after it, drag it outside after Xmas (no C!). I do spend Boxing Day at my son's, and they have a H-U-G-E pine, but if anything it is pleasant to smell the aroma of pine - a nice fresh air smell. On the other hand, my son and daughter in law can't have their usual wood burning stove going when I visit as that does trigger breathing problems. Any sort of fire burning is a no-no for me nowadays, that even includes such things as candles. Have your tree and enjoy it :)


Yes i will have my real tree and enjoy it. Maybe a treated one.



I've decided to go for our usual Pine, my Mum (who also has breathing issues) has never had any probs with ours.

Sorry if my post gave you stress!!

Mrs S xx


No stress Mrs Shimmy, I don't get stressed - your post interested me and it's sorted - A Real One !


This has made me smile! For years it was a joke in our family that I was allergic to C as every year I would start sniffing and sniveling as soon as the tree went up and by gosh did I get in a bad way THEN a friend was visiting and we had a Eureka moment it was the tree that was causing me C allergy and we never had a real one again and I never had another excuse to be the Grouch!


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