Pine Trees

Just read Mrs Shimmy's post on Pine Trees (not going to mention the C word), we always have a real tree, now I'm worried reading how many of you a real tree effects your breathing, surely something natural as a pine tree cannot hurt you. I'm very anti artificial tree but now I'm thinking the time has come.

We use to grow pine trees for the C word commercially, have a little wood of left over pines, I walk through them with no ill effect but then I suppose I'm in the fresh air.

Don't know what to do.

Libby x

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  • Hi Libby, as I said in the other thread, we still buy a real tree but one that has been treated so the smell is not there (unfortunately, as I love it) and the needles do not drop. Artificial trees can also cause major problems - see the link Zoee posted on the other thread. I hate the artificial trees and once I cannot have real will probably do without. x

  • Libby, as someone with very severe COPD I can honestly say I have never had any ill effect from a pine tree whatsoever. I no longer use one myself, but that is down to the effort required to position it in the lounge, clean up after it, drag it outside after Xmas (no C!). I do spend Boxing Day at my son's, and they have a H-U-G-E pine, but if anything it is pleasant to smell the aroma of pine - a nice fresh air smell. On the other hand, my son and daughter in law can't have their usual wood burning stove going when I visit as that does trigger breathing problems. Any sort of fire burning is a no-no for me nowadays, that even includes such things as candles. Have your tree and enjoy it :)

  • Yes i will have my real tree and enjoy it. Maybe a treated one.


  • I've decided to go for our usual Pine, my Mum (who also has breathing issues) has never had any probs with ours.

    Sorry if my post gave you stress!!

    Mrs S xx

  • No stress Mrs Shimmy, I don't get stressed - your post interested me and it's sorted - A Real One !

  • This has made me smile! For years it was a joke in our family that I was allergic to C as every year I would start sniffing and sniveling as soon as the tree went up and by gosh did I get in a bad way THEN a friend was visiting and we had a Eureka moment it was the tree that was causing me C allergy and we never had a real one again and I never had another excuse to be the Grouch!

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