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What do others think?

Sorry to ask things as you all have so many of your own problems to deal with but I am a bit concerned about my son-in-law. He has never smoked but had asthma as a child. He and my daughter now have a 4 month old son who has had a cold and my SIL asthma has flared up again. He has a dry cough and gets breathless quite easily. He has seen the GP and has a blue and brown inhaler. Apparently on Thursday night he had to get up as he was so breathless and coughing. My daughter sat with him until he calmed down. I am worried that it could be something else but he is a bit stubborn and tends to just leave things. I don't want him leaving this until something goes really badly wrong. Do you think I am being silly? or should I mention it to him. I can wait a few days and see if things improve but it seems he will have lots of problems as his baby son will be having lots of colds etc. in the coming years. Just wanted a few opinions and hope that is ok as he is such a smashing bloke. xxxxx

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You should try and get him to go to the drs....I had childhood asthma, no problems for several years, controlled with the brown preventer and blue reliever,,, until last February and I became, very unwell very short of breath and a very painful dry cough,I have finally been told that I have chronic asthma which is not reversible, I will not get that lung function back even with new inhalers,

So try to get him to go just for peace of mind..

All the best. B.


Thanks for that Ruby. I will try but very stubborn young man. I am just a bit concerned that things will get worse if not careful. Maybe I can show him what you have written. Thanks again and all the best to you too. xxx


please try and get him back to the surgery, and maybe ask to see a specialist, who i think know more about chest troubles. everybody has there own skills and a specialict at a hospital maybe the answer, dont be afraid to to speak to him. good luck


Thanks for your good advice. He may be going back to the GP on Thursday so will ask him to see if he can be referred. xx


Update on son-in-law - he went to see asthma nurse today and now has two different inhalers, different antibiotics and steroids for 5 days. He used a machine to blow into and instead of blowing over 600 he only blew 330. The nurse wants to see him again if he is no better by Friday. I am relieved that he is actually taking things seriously now. Thanks everyone xx


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