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Winter 2012/13

Good Afternoon Everyone

I hope everyone is feeling well today.

I have read a weather report for the winter of 2012/13 and it is predicting very cold snowy weather from mid November onwards through to Feb.

Of course it is always hard to predict accurate weather, but just in case this is a bit of a heads up that it may be a snowy one.

We may be down to single figures next week with some minus temperatures at night.

I am going to put on (in a new blog)our heating/keeping warm letter.

Best Wishes


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Just a quick note - i sign up to the Met Office Weather Warning service and there are lots of Fog warnings for around the UK.

As i'm sure a lot of people already know fog can be problematic when you have a lung condition.

Keep Warm



Hi Jo thanks for posting this information, I think it is going to get real cold, the birds are going mad for the fat balls and its only October !


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