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I have been lurking - sorry but now ready to join in

Hi everyone I came to this site a few days ago when looking for information about COPD alternative therapies but I stayed, registered and now want to comment. I think I have learnt more in lurking than I have in the 4 years since I was diagnosed so THANKS.

At the moment I am not in a good place as I also suffer from very bad panic attacks which of course makes my COPD worse and I am also on the dreaded antibiotics and steroids due to an infection.


I will not let my life grind me down and I hope to join in the community proper.


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hi lurking jandan, this is indeed a lovely site, must admit I too do a lot of lurking, so much information to hand, sorry to hear you are struggling with panic attacks, have panic attacks always been around, or are they something new in your life. Someone once told me that you cannot die from panic attacks, but it b........y feels like it sometimes !!! Dont know where you are in the country, but it's been damp and miserable here today, keep well xxx

Hi Jandan

Sorry you have copd. Also sad you are struggling with panic attacks and can empahise. I have a link for you for No Panic. They are really good and have a telephone service you can contact if you feel overwhelmed.

There is also some good diy books Claire Weekes is good - no longer alive and it is a bit 'old fashioned', but her writing style is as if she is in the room with you. The best thing I found was an extract from a book by Trevor Powell - based on congnitive behaivior therapy -techniques to aid you to turn negative thoughts into positives ones. Panics as you may know are caused by a perfectly natural 'fight or flight' response which are there to keep us safe from danger. The problem with panic attacks is they come at inappropriate times when the fear is not actual, but perceived.

Good luck sweet.

Love C XXX

> I hope to join in the community proper. - You already have Janet :-)

Just by saying something you've become part of the ever growing family of people using this site.

A big hello from me too

Hello and welcome Janet. :)

Auntymary xx

A very warm welcome from me too Janet!

Hi Janet and welcome :-)

polly xx

Welcome Janet

I was a lurker to. B.

Well thank you for your welcome.

Medow I have suffered from panic attacks for years well before I was diagnosed with COPD but they have got worse recently culminating with me being afraid to leave the house on my own just in case, this has made life a bit difficult as I live on my own LOL.

I live in Stockport which I must admit has been quite a good thing as they have an excellent approach to COPD. Last year I was lucky enough to go on a pulmonary rehab course and I just wish I could do it again also they helped me get some CBT therapy.

I wont bore you much more about me at this time but I will be watching haha

Hi Janet

Welcome to the BLF Web Community, 'lurking' is a good way to see what's going on and whether you want to be involved.

There is lots of information on this site that may be of benefit to you - any questions - just write them, just want to put down how you're feeling - just write it.

We have booklets on anxiety and depression and we also have a counsellor called Helen who can support you over the phone. We are open Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm - 03000 030 555. Call us even if you just want to chat - we are here!

Best Wishes


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Hello Janet, so pleased to meet you,my Mum suffered badly with panic attacks ( she had c.o.p.d. as well ) and how I wish I had found more about it at the time. I used to be helpless as to what to say or do,when I think back to those times it fills me with great sadness,how fortunate for us all that we can have the internet and we can be members of this wonderful site,it is such a Blessing to feel 'not alone' with this illness.Hope your week is good! Carol :)

Hi jardan

I too had a period of time when I was agoraphobic, and although I didn't think it at the time, I think now it was a positive that I lived on my own, in that I had to feel the fear and gradually go a little bit further. Took a long time and it's not easy, but small achievable goals. A helpful mantra I found was I can, I will, I am. Was three steps forward and two back, but as long as it's going in the right direction it doesn't matter.

I wish you well sweet.

Love C XXX

Wishing you a very heart felt welcome. Marilyn x

Hi jandan

Like you I'm a relatively newcomer (well a few months now) I joined this site on the recommendation of BLF rep who came to the Breathe Easy group I attend. He said I'd enjoy it and benefit from talking to others - I suffer with Bronchiectasis, Asthma & COPD. Like yourself I suffer from panic attacks - thankfully not had one for some time now - and I found the worst part of them for me were if my husband is around as although he means well he just seems to make them worse. I've been told that positive thinking is the answer, distracting yourself from what's causing the attack works for me - not everyone is the same and as you live on your own I can only say this is how I handle them.

On a positive note remember that you can come here ANYTIME night or day and just write down your feelings/thoughts, there is always somebody who'll speak and advise and lift your spirits if you're feeling down:-)



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