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is there any hope

hi i was told that i had COPD 4 years ago,tried all the different aids to stop smoking ,none worked. so i tried hypnosis ,this worked for 4 mths.then i went through a lot of stress ,with my eldest son,we supported him ,whilst he spent a year going through the courts to win custody of his daughter.this done i managed to give up again.then at the back end of last year,our youngest son past away.once again i started smoking,.we have now waited all this time for an inquest,my heads in i wait until this is over,or try again through hypnosis.

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All I can say is there is never a good time to give up. I have used all sorts of excuses to avoid it over the years ..... after Christmas, after my birthday, after my holiday, too stressed, too busy ...... You name it.

I finally realised I just had to do it. I stopped using Champix which worked for me and have never had another cigarette. I feel better for it, I don't miss them and I can now smell a smoker at 20 paces even if they don't smoke indoors.

You are going through a terrible time and that is very sad for you under the circumstances, but please don't stop trying to quit.

Lynne x


i will try, but maybe wait until after inquest.many thanks


My heart goes out to you and your family, what a dreadfull time you have all had.

You must have this on your mind a lot to be asking the question whether you should try again just now or not.

Perhaps now is the time if hypnosis works for you then go for it, remember smoking does not help stress levels in fact if you are worrying about giving up it could actually be contributing to your stress.

Good luck



i don,t think my mind is ready yet,but who knows,one day it will


First of all don't beat yourself up about the stumbling block of giving up smoking, of course it is important to try, but when you are experiencing so much heartache, giving up smoking is going to be extremely difficult. Losing a son, and watching another fight for custody your grandaughter is a painful process. Time will heal, but like the human body we all heal at different rates, some it is a few months others it is years.

In respect of your personal loss as you or your partner sought any advice or support, if not have found this website and wonder if it will be worth having a look?

Thoughts are with you are your family



many thanks for the link,just had a quick look,looks interesting,i,m going to have a good look at it later.


So sorry for your loss, your stress levels must be very high,

If stopping is going to add to this, try giving the next cig a fifteen minute wait, you may find that the craving goes for awhile..or tell yourself you are giving up for today, and take the pressure off yourself.

My thoughts are with you, b.


thankyou i will give it a go nothing ventured nothing gained


Dear Philipaslade

My heart goes out to you and your family on the passing of your son. There is no way you can move on when waiting for an inquest. I have gone through 2 inquests of loved ones and it takes so very long from the opening inquest to the inquest proper. I really do feel for you.

I don't know what it is like to have to give up smoking as I've never actualy smoked (well apart from a couple of sneaky weeks when I was about 13, like you do), but I imagine it must be very difficult as with any addiction.

You have already had a go at giving up and I know you know you have to try when you are ready now you have copd. Not only for your own sake, but for your partner, son and little granddaughter. I wish you well with it Philipa.

Wishing you and your family the strength throughout the inquest.

With love



thankyou for your kind thoughts


sending a hug x


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