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Moving around

Hi Health Unlockders

The simple movement from your bed to the bathroom can be a major task if you are very breathless.There are a few things you can do to avoid using up too much energy.

*Get out of bed slowly- sit on the edge of the bed for a while before standing up.

*Keep the things you use most often within easy reach.

*Try not to bend over at the waist to reach something as this makes breathing more difficult.Hold on to something for support and bend at the knees keeping your back upright-this helps your chest open and lets you breathe more easily.

*Avoid rushing by giving yourself plenty of time for whatever you are doing.

*Avoid climbing stairs too often by planning ahead-bring everything you are going to need from upstairs in one trip.

*When climbing stairs,take your time and match your breaths to the steps you take:breathe in on one step and out on the next couple.

Richard Cornish


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thank you, mornings are difficult for me


thank you for all your tips KOTC!

love, FF x


Have mentioned this tip before. When in hospital on oxygen but wanting to walk about abit a physiotherapist advised me to buy a little hand fan and use that when I got panicky and breathless. I have one with me always now and it really does help. Held under your nose you kid yourself you`re on oxygen. Wouldn`t go to the bathroom wiyhout it ! Please try it. mskpjb x


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