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Day 14 not smoking

Hello people. I am feeling so ill not smoking, my skin is a mess, I am permanently exhausted and thoroughly depressed. I know there is no way back now, but at least I was happy as a smoker. Doctors are very ready to tell you how wonderful you will feel, but the honest truth is people feel cr*p and it can last for months or years even. I know this is terribly negative, but am fed up with feeling so grotty. Sorry to moan.

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Hello Lizziec

I know exactly how you feel had the same conversation myself last night. I gave up ten months ago and have been in hospital three times since, and have recently had Pnuemonia which lasted three months, drove me mad thought I would never feel well again. But fingers crossed I feel quite well at the moment. So well done for not smoking and try to stick with it, I know how hard it is.



Stick with it Lizzie, the feelings will get less as times goes on and you're past the first (worst?) few days.


I have to agree with Kim & Gordon it does get better. Not sure if you're using any aids but I found the nicotine inhalers worked well, like smoking but without the rubbish. Stick with it Lizzie.


You have done well and you know it is the right thing to do.

The brain tries to play tricks to make you start again. Don't let it win. Try to think about the positives.

I have stopped for 9 months now and I honestly don't think about them. You will find that your skin, hair and everything will actually improve and you will have more energy. I feel so much better since I have stopped.

I smoked for over 30 years, really enjoyed it and smoked about 20 a day (at one time it would have been about 30). But, it was killing me and it caused my COPD. It also cost me £200 per month for the privelege.

Stopping is the best thing I have ever done, don't give in to it, please.

Lynne xx


Well done on your 14days Lizzie and keep on going if you can and yes it's really hard. I'm on my tenth week with the help of niquitin patches, I want so much to think I could still smoke cutting it down to two a day etc. but as we all know with this sort of addiction that just doesn't work. I set myself back a mile with this illness by trying one or two and immediately felt ill and breathless so stopped straight away again. You don't feel better immediately but long term, by stopping, are making the condition a lot easier to live with. Hope we can both do it xx


Lizzie well done for staying smoke free for 14 days, in another 14 days I am betting you won't be feeling like you do now. Your body is detoxing at the moment so you need to drink plenty of water to help the process along, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables for the nutrients to help your body cope with the detoxing. Oranges are great to have in the home, peal and eat, the fragrance is so much nicer than fag ash.

Keep looking after yourself, get yourself some pampering in whatever form takes your fancy.

Keep up the good work. Life without fags is good and it leads to a better experience of living with a lung condition too.


Well done Lizzie it's early days yet but you will feel the benifits of not smoking. I'm sure in a few weeks time you will feel so much better than you do now. Get pleanty of fresh air & exercise it will get easier, I agree with Zoee drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out eat fresh fruit & veg & be very proud of yourself :-)

Best wishes



Hi Lizzie,

Keep it up - we all feel miserable when we give up, it does pass - Honest



your my hero, I havent found the guts yet to go back on the straight and narrow.keep posting to inspire me


I gave up 60 a day a month after my 40th b/day in 1994, it was hard but it does get easier believe me, stick at it you'll get there.




Should have been 40-60 cigs a day between me & hubby :-)


Keep it up,just think of all them addicts in shop doorways in all weathers.It does get better.


Congradulations and keep on not smoking.

It is hard and will feel horrid, you will go through all sort of emotions but be strong and stick with it, google and study up on alll aspects of smoking and giving up smoking. It worked for me and it gave me great insight into the harm I was doing to my poor old body.

You will be fine, keep with it and stay focused.

It will be the single most important thing you can do for yourself with any form of lung disease.

David 1968


Once again thank you for all your support, this blog keeps me going and whoopee its day 15 now. Please keep the comments coming - don't feel like am doing this alone now as I have you guys out there waving the flag for me. Huge thanks xx


oh yes, if there's anyone in Cardiff out there, do get in touch perhaps we could help each other out.


Congrats Lizzie every day helps your illness. Keep going


hi lizzie, its so hard im 71 and been a heavy smoker for 55 years. iwas admitted to hospital in august with type 1 respritary failure. i am on oxygen at home,but still can not stop smoking. iam down to 6 a day so im pleased [was 60 a day]ive tried everything,what does help is to sniff the tobbco in my tin when i need a cig brtter than smoking but it does help me a lot hope this helps somebody terrzy


Well done lizzie it does get better I was a smoker for 40 yrs but after 6 mths free I am starting to feel it was worth giving up but I have gone to grab one more times than I would like to admit.Just take one day at a time.


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