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I am new to this site and I had been treated for asthma for 35 yrs and have just been told by my nurse that I am now being treated for COPD

I have had a chest xray and blood tests that have been clear. My GP has referered me to a respiritory consultant for a persistant cough. Can anyone give me any info about this. Is it possible to have COPD and a clear chest xray??? Yvonne

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Hi Yvonne, welcome to the site.

I am glad you have been referred to a respiratory consultant, you will get a clearer understanding of what's going on as the consultant will usually request many tests to be carried out allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.

Having a clear chest xray generally indicates there is nothing to show you have a lung infection, inflammation etc, but of course it doesn't mean you don't have COPD or another lung condition. A CT scan will give a clearer indication of what may be going on, your consultant will probably request this test at some stage.

Once you have been properly diagnosed hopefully the consultant will prescribe you with the medicine that is going to help your symptoms and persistant cough.

All good wishes



Welcome from me as well

You will find lots of great people with a lot of knowledge on this site.



Hi nonsmoker please to meet you. There are lots of brill people here.

I had asthma for around 25 years and had asthma checks every year. Two years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. My last X ray was clear too except I was told I had hyper expansion in the lower lung. This in the aveoli which is situatied at the bottom of the lung. This is where the lungs separate carbon monoxide and oxygen. I was told that carbon monoxide was being trapped there leading to sob (shortness of breath). This, I think, is COPD.

Its quite common I think. Hope it helps you. Try not to worry about it too much though. There is a lot you can do - give up smoking, excercise and nutrition. Its not necessarily progressive either. Many people live long and healthy lives well into old age with it.

Hope this helps.

Bev xx


Thank you for you messages. it's a great help to find answers. yvonne xx


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