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No Indian summer after all

apologies for telling everyone that we were going to have some warm, sunny days next week, the Indian summer isn't going to happen after all ! although today is really nice and sunny. All our family are with us this weekend, daughters, husbands and grandchildren, we have just prepared the biggest cottage pie you've ever seen.

Hope everyone is OK.


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Mmmm cottage pie how yummy I'm salivating as I type, my son says please can he pedal over as it's his fav and we always have fish on Friday - not for religious reasons just traditional since I was a little girl all them years ago.

Enjoy your meal



The BBC were still optimistic only yesterday...

You can usually watch the latest forecast as a video on


I thought it was too good to be true when I saw that on the local weather Libbygood. They retracted it yesterday :( There is so much I need to do in the garden.

Lynne x


Gosh you're lucky, it's not sunny here on the south-east coast, pouring rain and sea mist all day. And as everyone knows, if it's not sunny here then it's got no right being sunny anywhere else in the country, understood? ;)

However I've spent the day cleaning & polishing my little house (with lots of help from OH), and sorting a few cupboards out, so all is now sparkling and I think I deserve a cup of tea and a biscuit

love, FF X


We are heading up to Dingwall for a week tomorrow. Hoping the weather will be ok. We normally go to Ardnamurchan but I've decided it's just too isolated to be completely relaxed.

Hope to get some walking in and I have noted Dingwall has a swimming pool and I best see some dolphins (and Nessie!)


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