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can any one help me i had my test results given to me to day and it said iv got lungs of 81 year old and im only 52 ? my fet is 12.69 .my vc is 3.75 pred 105

my fev1 is 2.09 pred 72 fvc 3.69 pred is 109 my pef is 335 pred 82 canany help me and say if this is good or bad pleas i had attack weds lasted half hour but dint call doc as i handle it but its left me with tight chest ..but i handled it ok i think

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BLF Helpline - 03000 030 555. Ask if one of the nurses can call and explain this to you.

All I can say is that those numbers are not going to win the lottery... :-)

dam gorden i thgough thay was good one to use xx hope your ok thanks for advice x

Hi Helen, whatever the answer sometimes you need to ignore the figures and rely on your own instinct. You know what you can do, what you are capable of and when you are feeling worse. So whilst I know that you have to have the tests - my husbands were dreadful last year moved him into the category of moderate/severe COPD but he is better than he has been for about 4 years. The test results made him ill!!! Good luck and stay well. TAD xx

Hi Helen, tests results can vary depending on who does the testing and on how you are feeling on that particular day. Best thing to do is to take Gordon's advice and ring the BLF helpline where someone qualified can tell you accurately. Good luck. x

My doctor was very quick to tell me I had the lungs of a 100 year old - I was 60 at the time. I remember feeling insulted until I learned from this site that your lungs are being compared to someone at your age with healthy lungs. Still don't understand it but hope you manage to get the helpline as Gordon suggests and as Tadaw says sometimes you need to ignore the figures but it won't harm you to find out what they mean so that you can maybe judge your future progress. I can so relate also to what auntymary says also. Keep well and good luck with the lottery!

Hi Helen

I agree with your friends advice to contact the BLF helpline. In all the years I've had spirometry I've never been told I had lungs of a certain age and I had never heard of this until I read lots of your posts. I would be well cross. I only get my predicted values and that's fine by me. Unless they plumeted I treat them like horoscopes - if there good I believe, if not they are just a number. That's exactly what the cf nurse said in clinic too. Don't get too hung up by them. Agree with Tadaw.

Good luck


Same here. My GP says what my FEV1 reading is and I understand that. I have never been told my lung age.

How does that help any of us? All it does is emphasise a 'this is your fault' attitude.

Lynne xx

Helen I have had lung disease for 42 years. I have never been given details of the figures you mention and have never ever been told how old my lungs seem. They had no right to do the to you. ignore those figures and keep smiling.

My husband has COPD, bronchoectasis but we never, ever ask what his figures are . The only one we want to know about is his oxygen sats. He says 'I wonder how long I have got left to live', I tell him not to be so morbid

aww bless think that q is on all our minds but we have to carry on and make the most of what we got who know as far as i can see it affect people indiffernt ways and no one can say how long each one of us have to live , but as far as i can see by posts its seems to be quite few years so im going to stop worring now thank you xxx hope your husband is have good days hun x

thanks u all for replys well iv done lotto so fingers crossed , i got copy of my test results so i could send then of to the trials people for copd that iv put my self forward for . so this is how i got all results ect , just have to wait and see now :) but on them was lung age dyspnoea 81 years , but hay im going to get on with my life and like u said not worrie about it to much thank u all for your kind replys and all best to you all xxx helen

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