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diabetes type 2 and copd a warning!!

Hi everybody

I have been a type 2 diabetic for 3yrs now, never had any problems, always well controlled until the dreaded copd. Doctors prescribed strong steriods to manage copd this tends to have a bad effect on my diabetes sending it totally out of control!

I am now on additional medication to get me back under control hope this gets me back to normal soon as this is not a great situation to be in.


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Hi igeorgec2012 I am not diabetic so far as I know but would hate to have to juggle with different medication particularly when you aren't sure of their value to you i.e. maybe making you feel worse. The only other nagging problem I have along with the copd and emphysema is athritis and I don't get prescribed anything for that.

I hope the medication stabilises over the weekend but if you feel bad you should probably stop the strong steroids until you can report back to your doctor I should make an appointment with the doctor anyway you can always cancel the appointment if the treatment sorts itself out.

Good Luck hope you feel better soon

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Hello hope you don't mind me replying,as i became diabetic,due to the steriods,at first it was border line,then when i had to have the steriods permantley ,i went on insulin,as my body couldn't cope with the steriods,but my lungs couldn't function without the steriods,that was about 10 years ago,so hope you can sort it out with your doctor,i would hate to see any one else trapped in this circle.( none of my family are diabetic,but alot have lung probelms ) good luck


am sure this will sort itself once yu have finished taking steroids.

I am in same situation as you - had Type 2 diabetes for 2 years now as well as COPD.

My GP actually told me not to test when on course of steroids because she knows steroids do send readings high and doesn't want me to panic!

Like I said am sure once course steroids finished your blood sugars chould go back under control.

Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks Bevvy


hi igeorge ,

I too have copd and type 2 diabetes, i also have arthritis in my back , hip , ankles , wrists and thumbs , fortunately i manage without much treatment for the arthritis as juggling the meds for that too would be difficult . I know how you feel about the drugs reaction , not looking forward to the winter when , like most of us , the cold and flu season plays havoc with our lungs , keep as well as you can xx , perhaps one day soon there will be another treatment for one of these conditions that doesn't affect the other xx.

xxxx Dinny xxxx


Hi Georgec2012,

I too am both Diabetic type 2 (I am on insulin) and have moderate COPD. Since I have been taking steroid based inhalers I have noticed my blood sugars are all over the place. My old GP who was supposed to be a specialist in Diabetes almost ignored any worries I raised about it.

I have now moved to another practice and they refer insulin diabetics to the local hospital clinic which is in control of an Endocrinologist. My appointment is next week and I will see if they can help. I take Spiriva, Serevent and QVAR for my COPD and both background insulin and short term insulin before meals.

I know how you feel since I don't know whether the readings I am getting from my blood sugar are true or not. Its an uncertain world!




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